The incredible follow-up to acclaimed debut album “American Stranger”!

Los Angeles – On the heels of their critically acclaimed debut album, Lunden Reign is releasing their second album “Confessions” on limited edition 12-inch vinyl! The record is complete with 10 powerhouse songs that focus on political emotions and empowerment as well as some fantastic love songs that will make the hairs stand on your neck. Nikki Lunden’s vocals have really come into their own realm as distinctive and unmistakable as well as the sound of Lunden Reign itself. Laura Espinoza-Lunden’s songwriting continues to blow everyone away with every line and riff and with the help of their producer “The Wizard” Luis Maldonado, these songs have grown far beyond the band’s dreams. Lunden Reign can’t wait to share them with you!

Says Nikki, “We’ve really put more of our personal lives into this album, unlike our first record which was more of a story we were telling about a protagonist named Mary. ‘Confessions’ (album) really hits on our views of whats going on politically in the world with ‘Stardust Daze’ and ‘Fate of The World’. We dig into our disillusions and complexities of love and relationships and internal battles we are challenged with. It all translates. I think every song on this new record is relatable to what the world is feeling and to people out there who have jousted with love and the things it can make us do and feel. It offers relief in a way – at least for me. Saying it all out loud. We can purge our emotions and get fired up at the same time with this collection of songs.”

“The artwork is stunning on Confessions and the record inside is a rock album that balances beauty and power from one of Los Angeles’ finest independent bands.” – Warren Kurtz, Goldmine Magazine

Although the final album is none less than incredible, the recording did not come without its challenges. Says Nikki, “For me, this was a particularly challenging recording process. Right about the time we were ready to cut vocals for 5 of the first 6 songs I fell ill with a horrible cold that just kept getting worse. I lost my voice for almost 2 months and had to go mute as a process of healing. Probably the scariest thing I’ve ever endured physically. Once I was over the illness, I began taking lessons from a fantastic vocal coach to get my voice back into shape. There was a lot of apple cider vinegar involved as well as some challenging exercises but I got through it. Laura was so supportive through the whole thing, it was scary for all of us for a minute there. Obviously, it’s all good now! We had some really great collaborating on this album! That was really exciting for me because with our first record I was still very new to the project and finding my place in it. By the time we started working on ‘Confessions’, I really felt as if the music was my own now, that I’m part of it completely. I was still getting to know Laura and Luis’s writing before. I was much more involved in the writing process on this one, I’m proudest of ‘Stardust Daze’ – I think that was our best collaboration, I hold that one really close to my heart because of that. ‘Dead Man Walking’ came out like a lightning bolt after something I experienced outside of school in Hollywood. I walked into our writing session that night and just handed it to Laura and Luis. We worked on the music for maybe 10 minutes and that was that. I love it when it happens like that. So spontaneous and raw.”

“What these songs all have in common is an ear for melody and a sense of care and craft in constructing this record. You can hear how important these words and these songs are to the band” –  Chris C. – Editor in Chief, Bloody Good Music

Lunden Reign is composed of two core members: Nikki Lunden (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Composer) and Laura Espinoza-Lunden (Guitar/Composer). Lunden Reign’s music is described as ‘Big Beat Alternative Rock’ or ‘Modern Classic Rock’. Some say it’s the signature album for “ROCK’s REBIRTH”. The band’s debut concept album “American Stranger” was released on Cleopatra Records March 17, 2015, and began receiving worldwide critical acclaim almost immediately. The 10 original songs are scored with layers of haunting melodies, uplifting guitar riffs blended with a sharp edge and a massive beat. Laura Espinoza-Lunden’s innovative synth guitar riffs along with Nikki Lunden’s voice have been at the foreground for the two frontwomen to define the Lunden Reign sound, enhanced by longtime producer & co-writer Luis Maldonado (Train, Lisa Marie Presley).

Their first album “AMERICAN STRANGER” received critical acclaim and made multiple music magazines “TOP 10-BEST OF” Lists for 2015. You can hear songs and watch their videos at

Along with Laura and Nikki Lunden, Lunden Reign features longest standing musician in the band, bassist Matt Denis. He joined with us in late 2013, just in time to record on the final song for “American Stranger” – “Love In Free Fall”. The new album features both Matt Lucich and Noel “Fredo” Jasso on drums. The band has brought Morgan Young back to the kit for their live shows. Morgan played drums on “American Stranger” and Laura and Nikki are thrilled to have him back on stage with them. Lunden Reign’s newest addition, Julian Tomarin has been playing guitar with the band for nearly 2 years. Although not considered “band members”, Laura and Nikki would like to give credit to their producer Luis Maldonado and sound engineer Devin Hoffman for their instrumental contributions to the new record. These two guys worked tirelessly to make this album what it is, whether it was adding synths, more guitars, keys, arrangements, whatever the song called for.

Laura and Nikki are focusing on writing and recording more songs with a focus on TV and film. They are planning to do their next video fairly soon! “Stardust Daze” is in pre-production with Jonathan Lawrence, director of “Love In Free Fall” and “Red Wagon”. The band would like to see that come out by early summer.

In closing, Nikki has this to impart, “Never. Give. Up. There are so many things happening in the world that need change and there are some young people out there right now who are acting as Warriors for their generation. Don’t stop. We’re behind you. Know you always have the power to change things – and that goes for everybody. Every day in my life I have a choice to make things better for myself or do nothing – just keeping pushing forward.”

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