Melodic Revolution Records| Featured Album Review|January/February 2016

|Port Mahadia Quantum Space 

Label : Melodic Revolution Records
Release Year: 2016
Country : USA
Genre: Progressive Metal/Rock

Band Members

Johnny Anderson – Guitars
Erinn Waggoner – Bass & Vocals
Justin Emmerson – Drums & Percussions

Additional Musicians and Special Guests:
Rusty Clutts – Drums & Percussions
Will Shaw – Vocals
Sol Yamil – Vocals
Kerry Shacklett – Keyboards
Jared Hill – Keyboards
Hugh McDowell – Cello
Riccardo Bacchi – Steel Guitar
Paul Cecchetti – additional effect and choir
Grant Hill – Keys arrangement on South Side of The Sky

Contact Links

Port Mahadia Official Website

Port Mahadia Official Facebook Page

Port Mahadia Official Twitter

Port Mahadia Official Melodic Revolution Records Profile

Track Listing
Silhouettes In Disguise – Original recording by Kansas
Rendezvous – Original recording by UK
Principle of Disorder – Original recorded by Port Mahadia
While My Guitar Gently Weeps – Original recording by The Beatles
Working Man – Original recording by Rush
South Side Of The Sky – Original recording by Yes
I Walk Beside You – Original recording by Dream Theater
Canna – Original recorded by Port Mahadia
Wats Um The Deal – Original recording by Pink Floyd
A Time And A Place – Original recording by Emerson Lake & Palmer

Once again Melodic Revolution Records has released a quality recording that appeals to the entire span of the progressive rock/metal spectrum.  One of their recent signings is Paducah, Kentuckys’ very own Port Mahadia. Coming off a eight year absence and the heels of their previous album Echos In Time, Port Mahadia have returned with their sophomore effort Quantum Space which features eight cover tracks from bands such as Rush, Dream Theater, Yes, The Beatles, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Pink Floyd, etc …  See tracklisting above. 

Quantum Space is such the most appropriate title for this venture considering the progressive span of covers the band undertook during the recording of this album. Port Mahadia have a real uncanny ability of covering some other band’s songs and place their own stamp of flavor of sound on them. The covers are done with the utmost of consideration and respect as to not bore nore offend the listener, meanwhile maintaining the orginal integrity of the band who originally wrote and recorded them. 

Instead of a track by track analysis due to the nature of the tracks, I will focus more on highlighting the two originals on Quantum Space , Principle of Disorder and Canna

Principle of Disorder on the surface is heavily prog. However to dig deeper into the track there is so much more going on here. It is written with elements of doom and stoner rock and metal. In a era where time signatures have defined most of the prog community, Port Mahadia even incorporates well crafted guitar solos and even spoken word section. The intro begins with a huge thunderous rhythm section that seem to define the bands signature sound even more so than virtuosity.  Principle of Disorder  has elements of 1970’s rock and metal with a modern 21st century sensibility. 

Canna begins with a dynamic drum intro that is soon joined in rhythmic harmony by the bass and rhythm guitar. Port Mahadia seem to be a very heavily rhythm section induced band. Canna opens up just as heavily as Principle of Disorder. Canna eventually levels out into a very avant garde atmospheric track with subtle time changes. At the 1:20 mark it is a straight away driven track in the vein of Bad Company meets Deep Purple.  At the 2:20 mark it truly blisters almost into a part heavy metal part heavy progressive AOR track. Like Principle of Disorder, Canna has a little bit for every audio pallet whether progressive or straight away rock and metal. 

I appreciated the adventure of Quantum Space.  The multiple covers where done with integrity while the band gave them its own fresh and crisp flavor and stamp on them. The two original tracks leave the listener wanting more. Melodic Revolution Records definitely has a good sign in Port Mahadia. This gets a 4/5 for the very well written originals and the carefully recorded covers.