41POINT9 signs a multi-album deal with Melodic Revolution Records which will include their sophomore release “Mr. Astute Trousers” due for release in 2014 as well as the reissue of their debut.  The band once again features Brian Cline (Vocals) Bob Madsen (Bass and Assorted Noises) and Kenny Steel (Guitars) and like their previous effort it will feature special guests.

41POINT9 was first sighted in 2010 when Bob Madsen was looking to assemble a top notch band to write and record some great music. The band is comprised by original vocalist and founding member of Enchant Brian Cline, Bassist Bob Madsen and Guitarist Kenny Steel.  The album is rounded out by special guests Nick D’Virgilio and Jimmy Keegan both whom have worked with Spock’s Beard.  Their debut “Still Looking For The Answers” was originally released in April 2011 via Prog Rock Records and featured 9 tracks and has now been reissued as a digital only release through Melodic Revolution Records

When asked about the new contract with Melodic Revolution Records, 41POINT band leader Bob Madsen responded, “Well I just wanted to let everyone know that Nick Katona stalked the band for several months in direct violation of a federal restraining order in order to get us to sign.  Finally we had no choice but to sign his contract…. otherwise those incriminating photos of Kenny Steel at a One Direction concert and Brian Cline at a Justin Beiber concert would be released to the public. Not to mention Bob Madsen’s audition tape for the Village People”

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