Bad Elephant Music is delighted to announce that ‘Where The Moonlight Snows’, the second album from Manchester-based prog/pop/indie/rock band Mothertongue, will be released worldwide on March 23rd 2018, and preorders are now open!

‘Where The Moonlight Snows’ is perhaps a more consistent set of songs than the band’s explosive debut, ‘Unsongs’, which was a highlight of BEM’s 2016. Louis Smith’s songwriting is translated by the band into a cohesive yet diverse album which will delight all fans of good pop and rock music. The album also sees the debut of Mothertongue’s new drummer, Filip Pardej, alongside Louis, Phil and Mark’s triple guitar attack, Will Holden’s bass grooves, and Andy Malbon’s trumpet providing unique colour. Daniel Zambas from fellow BEMers We Are Kin guests on keyboards.

Pre-orders are open now from the BEM webstore – follow the link below to reserve your copy now, and get the preview track ‘Earthbound’ immediately!