The holidays are among us once again and so many people are still in need of help, it has been our tradition here at MRR to help those people in need when possible. Not that this is the only time of the year that people less fortunate than us are in need of help. Truth be told, people less fortunate than us, need help year round, however the holidays are extremely tough on people and it seems the need is greater at this time of year.

Who our these people I speak of?
These are folks that have lost their homes due to natural disasters, or getting displaced due to the still sluggish economy, these people are our neighbors, our friends, their relatives, and the community that surrounds us. So Melodic Revolution Records is once again reaching out to musicians to help those in need by donating a track to our current holiday charity digital release “Spirit of December Vol. 5”.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for traditional holiday tracks, original holiday music and or music of hope that you own the rights to. All songs are used with written permission as non-exclusive tracks. We will accept most all styles of music for consideration. All music must be submitted before the end of October 2015 for consideration; submission info can be found below. About Our Charity Releases.

Since 2010 we have assembled 100′s of the best independent musicians from around the world.
Our first charity release was “Songs for Haiti – Relief through Music” to help our neighbors due to the fierce earthquake that devastated that country. Also in 2010 we released “Musicians for Oil Relief” to help raise money for the victims and families devastated by the Gulf Oil Disaster, in 2011 we released Strength A 3 CD set to help raise money for the people of Japan, in the aftermath of the tragic Tsunami and Earthquakes that had devastated that country. Our first holiday charity release “The Christmas Gift” was released in 2010.

In 2011 we changed the name and concept of our holiday charity release to “Spirit of December”. This will be the 5th year for this amazing release.  All in all we have helped raise thousands of dollars to help the needy.

So where can one purchase these releases, and where does the money go?
They are available via There is Hope Records a not for profit music label started and run by Melodic Revolution Records.

All proceeds from our releases minus service charges (charged by paypal, banks, etc.) are donated directly to an organization called “Music for Relief” who is partnered with many with many great organizations that help during disasters such as Habitat for Humanity, Save the Children and others.

Melodic Revolution Records is not affiliated in any way to Music for Relief, other than we donate all proceeds to this charity.

For more information about Music for Relief visit

Song Submissions.
Send us an mp3 to with a bio to: [email protected]
In the subject line please write: Consideration for “Spirit of December Vol. 5
Thank you,
Nick Katona
President of Melodic Revolution Records