Night of the Prog, also known as NOTP, is a progressive rock and metal festival that takes place annually at the Loreley open-air theater in Germany.

It was first held in 2006, at that time it was only one day. The following year the festival became a two-day festival, but in 2008 on three days, then again on two days. Since its tenth anniversary in 2015, the NOTP is a three-day festival. [1]
The focus of the festival is Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal with their various sub-genres as well as styles with points of contact to the prog. There are both bands from the wedding of the classic prog in the 1970s and from the neo-prog scene of the 1980s, as well more up-to-date bands. These include not only established greats such as Asia, Jethro Tull, Marillion, Dream Theater or Opeth, but also newcomers. The NOTP festival is currently one of the largest progressive and progressive metal events in the world

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