After two solo records and work with several guitar legends, Nili Brosh (Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil, Tony MacAlpine) is no stranger to instrumental guitar albums. However, her latest effort Spectrum steps beyond the expected and into a global exploration of musical genres. A literal spectrum, the album seamlessly blends from one genre to the next, starting in one place and ending up in a completely different one; all the while suggesting that music – much like humans – is all the same. Spectrum will be released on December 20th.

Opening with the Spanish flavor of “Cartagena” and “Andalusian Fantasy”, Brosh effortlessly demonstrates the gentle power of conveying melodies on a nylon string guitar. Fusing into the European folk-inspired “Circus Wedding” and Parisian flavored “Rachel in Paris”, accordionist Hubert Gall makes a guest appearance and takes us further into the stylistic journey. What was Parisian blends into the chill R&B inspired “Solace”, which is where we first hear Brosh’s electric guitar versatility and soaring solos. The transition to a more fusion-esque and progressive sound occurs with ‘Retractable Intent’ and ‘Desert déjà vu’, before finally moving toward the screaming dance-inspired heavy leads of “Djentrification” and “Primal Feels”. Listening in one sitting, one may feel the transitions sneak up on them, at the end arriving at the question “how did I get here?”.

The official music video for the single “Primal Feels”, released September 3, follows a similar concept of diversity and comprises a multi-ethnic cast of male dancers joining Brosh to visually enhance the song melodies. With dazzling film-like cinematography, the dancers mimic Brosh’s musical vocabulary in a style reminiscent of those classic ‘80s and ‘90s music videos. With their visual interpretation of the strong melodic hooks of “Primal Feels”, the dancers remind us once again that people – like music – are all the same.

“Primal Feels” music video is performed by Angel Xplosion Anaya, Amaleke Kidd Bradley, Nili Brosh, Manine Kim, Gabi Torres.
Shot and directed by A&G Productions
Choreography by Gabi Torres

Spectrum is performed by Alex Argento, Nili Brosh, Mariko Friend, Hubert Gall, Pete Lockett, Eli Marcus, Alon Mei-Tal, Gretchen Menn, Ray Rojo.

Track Listing: 

  1. Cartagena
  2. Andalusian Fantasy
  3. Circus Wedding
  4. Rachel In Paris
  5. Solace
  6. Retractable Intent
  7. Desert Deja Vu
  8. Djentrification
  9. Primal Feels
  10. Resistance Piece

Spectrum will be available on CD and digital download via Nili Brosh’s webstore and all major online retailers (Previous releases are also available through the same outlets):

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