Halo News November

It’s time again to divulge all things wonderfully Halo. I guess we kick off with the exciting news of our inclusion on the There is Hope Disaster Relief CD. We were really fortunate to be contacted by our Label, Melodic Revolutions Records about whether we would be willing to contribute, and I of course accepted…but which track to contribute! I finally chose Tigers Hand, a song written on my return from Sri Lanka in 2011, it deals with the subject of those that have, and those that don’t, and I guess I chose it as it has a similar feel to some of the tracks on Nights and Days. Anyways please make every effort to download the CD, other great bands include Sunshine & Bullets, Mama Kaz, Way Up and the Minstrel’s Ghost to name but a few…http://www.thereishoperecords.com

For those of you that may have missed it … We had our own Aiiradio show on the 23rd October – An Evening with Halo – It really was a fantastic evening for us as we were joined by some of our friends (Furi struggled with Dartford Internet throughout) to discuss all things Halo, from conception through to EP, Album and future projects. As usual Talby talked until the cows came home, but the general consensus was that people enjoyed the show and it went down very well compared to other such evenings. Huge thanks to Brian Dade, and his beautiful assistant Manuela (who kept the chat room going), Sir Colin Tench, Paul Timms, Angela Buchanan and Kevin Slaymaker… If you want to catch it check…https://www.facebook.com/haloStudioProject

Live – we played an interesting show in Camden last month at the Enterprise, our drummer Stef was late due to another show starting late, so the first half we played acoustic…Not a problem for the London Boys however! Upcoming shows are scheduled for New Cross Inn on the 28th November, 22.00, and Mother Earth in Shoreditch, 21.30 – so get yourselves down to a gig and help keep Independent Live Music Alive

Finally, The Halo Effect, has started – we have recorded some initial guitars and are just in the process of sorting out which tracks and what format the final thing will be. We are also awaiting delivery of some of the guitars we will be using on the album from Flame Guitars (www.flameguitars.co.uk), further news to follow in due course.

Ps. Vacancy – We are still looking for a kick ass drummer to join the band, if you think your that person, then contact through this media and we’ll get back to you asap…. See you all next month.