BELUGA is a Progressive Rock band. The same kind of rock that motivated thousands of avid brains to join a musical movement that enclosed everything. That undefined rock, with no boundaries or limits. That rock that laughed at the world and at itself, a delicious caricature of music.

BELUGA gathers influences from bands like Vander Graaf Generator, Gentle Giant or King Crimson. It filters them through a Mr. Bungle strainer and performs in an imaginary Cirque Du Soleil. The result can’t be more unpredictable. Nothing is what it seems and nothing looks like nothing.

This seemingly senseless parallel world has been created by Lorenzo Matellán and Razl, two musicians characterized by an unlimited creative inquisitiveness fed by their ability to transform the simple and pretty into weird and odd, which can actually be a bit scary. At least it might trouble you. Through their compositions, Beluga proposes imaginary situations based on tales, movies or stories they’ve heard, and they put them in very direct words, with an extraordinary double meaning.

Track Listing
1. Photosynthesis (feat. Marco Minnemann & Damian Erskine)
2. Paris Ragtime (feat. Marco Minnemann & Damian Erskine)
3. Trying to Be a Court Clown (feat. Marco Minnemann & Damian Erskine)
4. Under a Black Cloud (feat. Marco Minnemann & Damian Erskine)
5. Thylacine (feat. Marco Minnemann & Damian Erskine)
6. Monologue (feat. Marco Minnemann & Damian Erskine)
7. Sunny View (For