“Red Lion” Rocks New York City, Cannes, and London!!!

Red Lion Wins Three Best Music Video Awards! Three awards in a row in one week! As honored as I was to represent Greece in these film festivals. It was even more thrilling that a progressive metal music video was recognized in Cannes, New York, and London!

Winner of Best Music Video award in the inaugural French Riviera Film Festival (FRFF) in Cannes, France. A two-day festival held during the time period of the annual Festival de Cannes which included screenings, VIP receptions, an awards ceremony, and closing gala party.
Greek Composer and Filmmaker Olivia Hadjiioannou Wins Best Music Video Award at French Riviera Film Festival in Cannes
Event Photos can be viewed here: https://olitunes.com/filmfestival-cannes

Winner of the BEST MUSIC VIDEO SHORT award for the music video “Red Lion” from the album, “Metallia” in The Psychedelic and Transpersonal Film and Music Festival that took place on May 25, 2019, at The Producer’s Club in New York City.

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And winner Best Music Video at the Cosmomcinema Film Festival in London. (to be announced in June after a special ceremony in Greece) The short is presently a winner and official selection in 10 film festivals worldwide.

Many believe progressive rock or metal is retro. Sounds from the 70s, for collectors or an eccentric niche..but the truth is that prog, even back then was just pushing the boundaries of rock. That is what progressive music is.
It is music that progresses, takes the best of all genres and pushes it to discover something never heard before.

I am very grateful to these film festivals for welcoming and celebrating a progressive music video, and I want to thank all of you Proggers for never giving up listening to and loving Prog.
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