Melodic Revolution Records is about to undertake its most ambitious project ever. It’s still in the planning stages. But we are planning on a series of releases (tribute albums) in various genres tentatively named: Our Founding Fathers. Most likely it each release will be released in volumes by decade. Here is a rough list of genres and tentative artist we wish to cover, but like I said this is rough and will without a doubt change and more artists will be added to each release.


The purpose of these releases is to showcase independent artist while paying homage to the greats that forged the sound of music as we know it. Each release will be released as a FREE digital album. We will be seeking musicians and graphic artist that want to be a part of these releases. Here is a sneaky peak at some of the genres and artist we plan to cover.


Progressive Rock: Camel, BJH, Nektar, Uriah Heep, PFM, King Crimson, Yes, Can, Pink Floyd, Marillion,Caravan,  ELP, The Moody Blues, Utopia, Far East Family Band, etc;


Blues: Bessie Smith, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, John Lomax, Lead Belly, Sonny Boy Williams.


Folk Rock: Bob Dylan, Jim Croce, Joan Baez, Simon & Garfunkel, CSN&Y, etc;


Classic Rock: Humble Pie, Budgie,Ten Years After, The Doors, Free, The Who, Canned Heat, BOC , Deep Purple, Leon Russell, The Stones, Wishbone Ash, etc;


Alternative Rock: The Smiths, Wall Of Voodoo, Oingo Boingo, Depeche Mode, Vissage, The Alarm, Big Country,  Talking Heads, Devo, The Romantics, The Clash, etc;


Pop Rock:  David Bowie, The Beatles, A-ha, 10 CC  The Police, Men at Work, Bad Finger, The Knack, Manfred Man, The Monkees, Rod Stewart, The Kinks etc;


Metal: Saxon, Accept, Doro, Y&T, MSG, Krokus, Motorhead, Girl School, Dokken, Scorpions, etc;