Rhizomatic Horizon is about the ubiquity of the Internet and the fact that it’s really a rhizomatic structure where we can all access any point on it from anywhere. But it is also sort of wondering…. are we assimilating the internet – or is it assimilating us?

The video represents the first single from the highly anticipated new album “Anomalous Propagation” from the band’s sixth studio release due out October 12th, 2019 via Melodic Revolution Records

Anomalous Propagation will make its debut at this years ProgStock in Rahway, New Jersey, as well as a worldwide release in multiple formats on October 12th, 2019

CD Track Listing
01. Red Light Syndrome
02. Surveillance
03. Despoina’s Dagger
04. Queen of Fools
05. Rhizomatic Horizon
06. Deep Web
07. Translucent
08. Defenestrated
09. Love
10. Candlelight
11. Principle Amor

LP Track Listing
Side One
01. Red Light Syndrome
02. Surveillance
03. Principle Amor

Side Two
04. Despoina’s Dagger
05. Deep Web

Side Three
06. Rhizomatic Horizon
07. Love
08. Translucent

Side Four
09. Defenestrated
10. Queen of Fools
11. Candlelight

Persephone’s Dream Is...
Rowen Poole: guitars, synths, lyrics
Chris Siegle: bass, synths
Heidi Engel: vocals, lyrics
Jim Puskar: drums, percussion
Jason English: guitars, vocals
Laura Martin: pianos, keyboards, synths, vocals

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/persephonesdre1
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