This fundraiser will benefit the recording project “Immaterial Witness” by Phoen1x AKA Pete Jorgensen.

Phoen1x is a veteran songwriter, musician, and producer for Vertical Alignment who has released five albums since 2006. This represents his first solo release and all funds will be used for final production, post-production, and manufacturing of the release. This includes online downloads, CDs and vinyl records. It will also include any needed minor audio equipment, software, and a modest acoustic guitar.

“Immaterial Witness” has been a work in progress for some time. Phoen1x employs the talents of a number of guest musicians as well as current members of Vertical Alignment. Guest vocalists include Jake Livgren, Mike FitzPatrick, Eric Parker, Joe Deninzon, Melody Jorgensen, Robert Streets, and Tom Bender. Kev Rowland does narration, Michael Adams does drums, Jaymi Millard plays bass, Mark Thompson, Chuck Tidwell, and Greg Wollan play guitar, Bill Rebsamen and Doug Bowers play keyboards, Deron Freeman plays trumpet, and Joe Deninzon plays Viper electric violin.

Phoen1x is planning release of the album on July 1, 2019. This will include online downloads, CD’s and vinyl records. Funds will need to be in place by the end of April 2019 in order to adhere to this schedule.

Donations of $20 will receive a free download of the album. Donations of $40 will receive a CD and a download. Donations of $70 will receive a vinyl record and a download. Donations of $100 will receive a CD, a vinyl record and a download. 

Your support will be an invaluable contribution to the fulfillment of a long time dream. The songs on the album have been written over several decades and this will finally give them the exposure that they deserve. Phoen1x and all of the guests will be deeply grateful for your support. Thank you!

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