Pinn Dropp, the band which released at the beginning of 2019 their critically acclaimed debut album „Perfectly Flawed”, has just released a live acoustic single „Dreamscape of Silence”. It features two tracks „Kingdom of Silence” and „Fluorescent Dreamscape” (part two).

The acoustic versions with new arrangements were recorded live for a special broadcast at Rock Serwis FM, celebrating the 5th birthday of the radio station. The tracks released on a live single were chosen because both of them went to No 1 on the radio’s charts, spending their many weeks.

The single can be downloaded from the Pinn Dropp’s Bandcamp page. It is also available on most popular streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, Deezer or Amazon.

The band still promotes „Perfectly Flawed” during live shows and prepares another studio album under the working title „For the Love of Drama”, set to be released this year.

Pinn Dropp started as a concept created by guitarist and composer Piotr Sym, who wanted to create a music outlet to express his love for progressive music. Collaboration with drummer Dariusz Piwowarczyk, who also produced the recordings and helped with the arrangements resulted in the final creation of the Pinn Dropp sound. In 2017 the duo was joined by vocalist and multiinstrumentalist Mateusz Jagiełło, with whom the first tracks with vocals were recorded.

In December 2017 the band released its debut EP tough it was meant to be only an „appetizer” before the full-length album, it got really positive reviews „Re: Verse, Re: Treat, Re: Unite” in a digital format. Even worldwide, attracting fans waiting for the full-length release. At the beginning of 2018, bassist Paweł Woliński joined the lineup and the recordings of the debut LP began. Almost three months before its release the band issued a single „Human Corporate Machine”. The debut LP „Perfectly Flawed” was released digitally on December 22, 2018, and on a CD on January 18, 2019 (Music and More label).

The album featured tracks already released on the EP in a remixed and partially re-recorded form, and brand new stuff as well. „Perfectly Flawed” received really positive reviews and two tracks taken from it went to no 1 on Rock Serwis FM radio. The title track, a 20 minutes long composition was considered by the critics as one of the best epic tracks in the history of Polish progressive rock.

„This is a worthy introductory release from a band with huge potential and who is clearly still growing and hopefully have plenty left in reserve. I shall certainly be following them with interest as they have the ability to carve a niche into the already strong pantheon of Polish rock bands.” (Background Magazine)

„Perfectly Flawed is anything but flawed. To my mind, Pinn Dropp has not only hit all the right notes but all the right chords as well. This is a winning modern Symphonic Prog album that I highly recommend you check out.”
(Jerry Lucky)

„Entertaining all the way through, without exception. Arranged both with complexity and super catchiness”. Since the Riverside lift-off, I have noticed a lot of promising heavy prog bands hailing from Poland. PINN DROPP definitely is capable of taking the lead, if they will continue in this way. Perfect? Yes! Flawed? No! Perfectly Flawed? … maybe. Time will tell, and you will decide. Do not miss this! (Prog Archives) Drummer Darek Piwowarczyk left the band after the album release and was replaced by a Macedonian musician, Zoran Krecho. The line up was also augmented by a keyboard player Bartek Kosiński. Currently, the band is working on their next album and promotes „Perfectly Flawed” during live shows. The story continues…