Melodic Revolution Records and Wings of Destiny are thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated new concept album Revelations will officially be released worldwide via all Digital platforms on June 7th

This will be Wings of Destiny’s 4thfull length album, the new production features the participation of x – Mayan and current Firewind vocalist Henning Basse (Germany), ex-Helloween and leader of Masterplan the extraordinary guitarist Roland Grapow (Germany & Czech Republic), in addition, virtuoso keyboardist & guitarist Bob Katsionis (Greece) of Firewind & Outloud performs on the release.

All the songs of the album is interconnected in a single story about a young man who dives into an incredible vision, being his dark inner journey, in which he must face the demons and save the world, sacrificing his own life, in the event described as ” Revelations “, facing the supreme evil, represented by an entity called ” Chaos “. 

During this incredible story, the young man, with the help of the guardian angels, who accompany him in the battle that occurs inside him, delivers his life and his body, being possessed, in order to destroy the immortal enemy of humanity… will the story continue?… you will know when listening to the full album, this is a true fantasy story that is developed through the songs.

“It was decided to take it to another level with this one, adding a lot of musical styles, memorable melodies, orchestration, ripping solos and vocals. Also, the lyric content was profound, there are references to Lord Byron “My Soul is Dark” poem in the song “Lost in the Dark” and Robert Louis Stevenson “Requiem” poem in the song “Requiem.”

Each song on the album stands on its own, but it should be taken as a whole conceptual work. International artists such as Roland Grapow, Bob Katsionis, and Henning Basse certainly gave it additional artistic punch and spin. There is also one completely acapella piece “Divine?” that is a prelude to the song “Rising Chaos” that includes a completely new element to the band`s sound showing the versatility of what can be done without instruments whatsoever. It can be considered as our most ambitious and complex work so far.”, says Anton Darusso, leading man, composer, and producer of the band.

Cover Artwork by Caio Caldas at CadiesArt (

1. Revelations
2. Divine? (chaos theme)
3. Rising Chaos ** 
4. Here We Go 
5. Facing the Beast*
6. Stand and Fight
7. Under the Moon
8. Free Fall
9. Lost in the Dark
10. Wake me Up***
11. Possessed
12. Requiem
13. Post Mortem

Features Bob Katsionis on keyboards *
Features Roland Grapow on guitar & Bob Katsionis on keyboards **
Features Henning Bass ***

Wings of Destiny
Anton Darusso (Vocals & Keyboards)
Cristian “Mythos” Jiménez (Guitars)
Daniel Chaves (Guitars)
Emil Minott (Bass)
Roberto Ulloa (Drums) 

Album production: Anton Darusso & Juan Pablo Calvo
Wings of Destiny is produced by Anton Darusso & Cristian Jiménez.
Arrangements: Anton Darusso & Wings of Destiny
All music written by Anton Darusso, except “Free Fall” by Daniel Chaves & Anton Darusso and except “Lost in the Dark”, music written by Anton Darusso & Emil Minott.
All lyrics and concept developed & written by Anton Darusso.

Sound Engineers: Juan Pablo Calvo & Aleksey Stetsyuk
Recorded, mixed and mastered at: Bushido Audio Productions [Costa Rica] & Grave Town Productions [Belarus] 

Artist Tour & Booking Management: 
Eduardo Marenco Chase, phone: 00521 5513395898 
Metal Union Productions (Mexico)
Press contact [Costa Rica]: Jairo Delgado Vargas, phone: (506)609-10220
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