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It is with great pleasure that I announce that Power or Prog celebrates seven years as a social network as well as a music and news platform.

I first discovered Prog back in my youth back in the late 60’s early 70’s, it music that I still love today, back then it was just call Rock and Roll, sometimes it would be called Art rock or Acid Rock. Today that music is called Prog or Progressive Rock which now features dozens of sub-genres.

The idea of a Progressive Music Social Network came to me back in early 2009, at the time MySpace was becoming a wasteland and common place for every band and solo artist to spam one another. It was no longer a viable site where one could discover good Music through all the garbage and ads, it was fast falling by the wayside. Facebook was just starting to take shape, but it was not designed to be a site for Music rather as a social network for friends and families to stay in touch. That said, due to the fall of MySpace, many Musicians had turned to Facebook and called it their new home.

It had became harder and harder to find information about upcoming Prog Bands, as well as established Bands. There were many Progressive Rock Portals, and each one specialized in just one thing, and one thing only. Don’t get me wrong they were good at it, but I wanted to change that concept after becoming frustrated with having to go to various sites to fill my music needs and bring all those elements together in one location. On September 29, 2009 all that would change, thus Power of Prog a social network for the prog minded was born, founded by Florida based grassroots independent record label Melodic Revolution Records which specializes in Progressive Rock.

A bit of History: The Power of Prog name carried over from a 2008 Prog Festival of the same name hosted by the label in upstate New York, featuring bands: Souljourners, Flutter Effect, Acoustic Trauma, Jonh Ford (Strawbs), Rocket Scientist with Lana Lane among others.

Over the past 7 years I have discovered many talented up and coming prog bands and many that today have become international artist, and I discovered  so many of them here on Power of Prog, and that’s what its all about, bringing together Fans, Bands, Record Labels, Media,and Radio for music that inspires, and makes us think, while cultivating memories – music that will stand the test of time.

We encourage prog fans, bands and so on to set up a profile here at Power of Prog and to share your music stories and so on.
Power of Prog “Because Every Song Tells A Story”

Thank you for all the years of support.
Nick Katona: President of Melodic Revolution Records

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