Melodic Revolution Records (MRR) couldn’t be happier that Power of Prog, a social network for the prog minded, turns FIVE!

According to the President of Melodic Revolution Records Nick Katona, it was in 2009 and MySpace was becoming a wasteland and common place for every band and solo artist to spam one another. It was no longer a viable site where one could discover good Music through all the garbage and Ads it was fast falling by the wayside. Facebook was starting to take shape but it was not designed to be a site for Music. With that said and due to the fall of MySpace, many Musicians had turned to Facebook and called it their new home.

It had became harder and harder to find information about up and coming Prog Bands, as well as established Bands. There were many Progressive Rock portals, and each one specialized in just one thing and one thing only. And they were good at it. With that said, it was MRR intent to develop a Website & Social Network combining the best elements prog sites and social networks out there at the time. In September of 2009, Power of Prog was born, thus bringing the progressive rock community together, and creating a Social Network that Prog Bands, Record Labels, Media and Fans of Prog could call home.  

Well here we are five years later, and the Power of Prog website has taken root. MRR wasn’t even sure when it was first launched that the Power of Prog website would even last for six months, let alone five years, since sites and trends rapidly change.  With over 1700 members strong, Power of Prog today remains a close community of Prog Bands and their Fans.

What separates Power of Prog from all the from the other so called “social media websites,” is the fact that ALL things PROG, the bands their music and the Members can take advantage of the many free services available to them, ranging from blogs, video uploads from YouTube, Vimeo and personal devices, Members can also design their personal profile pages, etc – the prog-opportunities are endless!

Power of Prog website rules are very simple, a zero tolerance policy enforces no spamming, hatred comments or mail, nudity, etc. The site remains free of pop-up ads, spam, and tries to provide all Members with a safe opportunity to grow as a community of friends.

Power of Prog has many resource links available to Media, Promoters, Festivals, Record Labels, Recording Studios, and even a list of companies that manufacture LPs. To date, Power of Prog has 75 Group pages, 6,964 Photos posted, 1,209 Videos, 1,310 Blogs, and more Music that you can shake a stick at. Also supporting Power of Prog by featuring their own profile pages, are internationally acclaimed artists: Pallas, The Flower Kings, Nektar and Tinyfish among many upcoming new Prog Bands.

Now for the Pièce de résistance, the Power of Prog website proudly features the visual artwork of Ed Unitsky on its Home Page and its Default pages. So are you ready to take the PROG-plunge now? Then join us, MRR invites everyone to Power of Prog a Social Network for the prog-minded, because everyone song tells a story.

MRR is pleased to say that progressive music has grown leaps and bounds over the last five years, with many new Publications, Record Labels and even Radio Stations popping up that cater only to prog. We are very pleased to be a part of that community that supports and appreciates good music. Here’s to the future.  

Nick Katona
President Melodic Revolution Records.