To the very day, Premiata Forneria Marconi (aka PFM) is considered the most influential and respected Italian rock band and on October 27th, 2017 InsideOutMusic will release the band’s new studio album “Emotional Tattoos”. Now, the band reveals the album’s striking cover artwork created by Stefano Bonora / Artkademy.
The band comments: “On the cover you see a fantastic spaceship run by Franz and Patrick, bringing the band to places never explored before, introducing the audience into the new PFM world, where music has not only one identity but evolves and embraces many genres. PFM is famous for never repeating previous records and “Emotional Tattoos” is an album that will leave emotions on the skin, like when a spaceship lands in a fantastic world with vegetation and animals in harmony with each other.”
PFM began writing their new opus in 2016, started recording in early 2017 and finished both an English and Italian version of the over an hour long record in July at Metropolis Recording Studio with Alessandro Marcantoni.

See below for the exact track-listing:
– English version –
1. We’re Not An Island (7:12)
2. Morning Freedom (6:06)
3. The Lesson (5:08)
4. So Long (5:56)
5. A Day We Share (6:03)
6. There’s A Fire In Me (4:55)
7. Central District (5:27)
8. Freedom Square – instrumental (4:47)
9. I’m Just A Sound (5:57)
10. Hannah (5:16)
11. It’s My Road (5:07)

– Italian version –
1. Il Regno (7:12)
2. Oniro (6:06)
3. La lezione (5:08)
4. Mayday (5:56)
5. La danza degli specchi (6:03)
6. Il cielo che c’è (4:55)
7. Quartiere generale (5:27)
8. Freedom Square – instrumental (4:47)
9. Dalla Terra alla Luna (5:57)
10. Le cose belle (5:16)
11. Big Bang (5:07)

PFM is a very eclectic and exuberant musical group with a distinctive style that impressively combines rock, progressive, and classical music into one mesmerizing sonic entity. Formed in 1970, the band quickly gained a prominent place on the international scene by making it to the Billboard charts (for 1973’s “Photos Of Ghosts”) and winning a gold record in Japan while constantly ruling the charts in their home country until today. PFM were honored with position #50 in the “UK Classic Rock Hall of Fame” of the 100 most important artists in the world as well as being awarded two gold records in their home country in 1971 and 1997.

“Emotional Tattoos” marks the return of the band’s trademark sound after two rather experimental releases. The new album takes a melodic rock route while offering surprising musical twists and turns including moody synths, orchestral arrangements, straight-forward guitar-driven passages and wonderful ballads.

The album can already be pre-ordered in the following formats from the official InsideOutMusic online store:
Gatefold black 2LP+2CD – English vinyl with both versions on 2CD
Limited Gatefold transparent orange 2LP+CD – Italian vinyl & Italian CD – limited to 500 copies
Special Edition 2CD Digipak – English & Italian version
Order the album here:

PFM Live
02 September – Porretta Terme (IT) Rufus Thomas Park
29 September – Modena (IT) Piazza Roma
30 September – Montesarchio (IT) Piazza San Sebastiano
14 November – Torino (IT) Teatro Colosseo
21 November – Napoli (IT) Teatro Augusteo
25 November – Zoetermeer (NL) Boerderij
01 December – Padova (IT) Gran Teatro Geox
02 December – Varese (IT) Teatro Openjobmetis

09-10 January – Tokyo (JP)
11 January – Osaka (JP)
02 March – Milano (IT) Teatro Dal Verme
11 March – Assisi (IT) Teatro Lyrick
12 March – Roma (IT) Teatro Olimpico
03 May – Mexico City (MX) Plaza Condesa
06 May – Gettysburg, ROSFest (USA)
12 May – Legnano (IT) Teatro Galleria
…more dates to be announced soon!

Franz Di Cioccio: lead vocals, drums
Patrick Djivas: bass, keyboards

Lucio Fabbri: violin
Alessandro Scaglione: keyboards, Hammond, Moog
Marco Sfogli: guitars
Roberto Gualdi: drums
Alberto Bravin: keyboards, backing vocals