Welcome to naytheet. Soon, a project in prog people called 4P. In the wake of 4P, 3P. Information :

– new link leading to http://www.progstreaming.com
– like power of prog’s the seventh day, each week will see a free album downloadness (for members only)

I repeat myself under stress :

each week a free album in your pc and that’s it.

If anytime the website is growing in members, we will include a “vote for the next album giveaway” section. For a start, (me and Jeff) admin only are allowed to decide which album to regalar to any 2P member.

For those who want to unsubscribe from prog people, just reply “I don’t give a cheese about your prog album, just let me go I don’t like music.” this mail.

Impossible? not french. try this instead : Prog People présente : Cosmos. http://naytheet.free.fr/Cosmos – Mind Games.rar (available for a week for members AND non members. As you might have guessed, mp3 quality will be the same as listened in prog streaming, a brilliant 128kbps).

The website is up and running on http://ns9.freeheberg.com/~naytheet/Home/Prog_People/news.php?t=69.