Prog Special Fill In Show w/DJ Revolution Saturday August 4th 2012
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Show begins at 2pm to 4pm (EST) 7pm to 9pm (UK) 8pm to 10pm (CET) 11am to 1pm (PST)

Featuring some of the best prog bands all from one website known as Power Of Prog. Music by The Flower Kings – Phideaux – Half Past Four – Dream Aria – Aaron English – Credo – Gandalf’s Project – Also Eden – Karcius – Under Linden -I|O Earth – Edison’s Children – Sergey Rybytskyy – Mat Stevens – Pallas – John Young – NthAscension – Riversea – Times Up – Jay Tausig – Unitopia – Daymoon – Djam Karet – Factory of Dreams

On a final note; it was extremely difficult to pic a handful of bands from power of prog as there are over 600+ amazing bands on the website so this is but a snapshot of what the site has to offer musically.