The MRR family is saddened to hear the news that Steve Gourley, former bass player and songwriter for Time Horizon has passed away. On behalf of all of us at Melodic Revolution Records, we extend our condolences to the Gourley family, friends, and Time Horizon. You are in our thoughts during this difficult time, sending you much love and respect.

In a statement from Ralph Otteson founding member of Time Horizon.
Feeling really sad as I heard news of my friend, bandmate and incredible human being Steve Gourley passed away. He played bass and helped write the first release from my band Time Horizon “Living Water” album.

His life could have been spent playing music for a living, he was that accomplished, but instead, he chose to serve the poor. He worked hard for human rights in Cambodia, fighting child slave labor, child prostitution and for other basic freedoms, we all take for granted. I spoke with him a couple of months back and the last time he was stateside, we went to see a concert together. He was that friend that would call you at 4 pm and say hey, Sting is performing at so and so…let’s try to get tickets, I don’t know how to get there but let’s try. I will miss you so much, bro! I already do.