Cindy Steinhardt Confirms the passing of Robby Steinhardt

It is with an extremely heavy broken heart that I have to announce to the world, we have lost one of the most incredible people of our time….

Robby Steinhardt has passed away.

Our final journey started on May 13 when Robby was admitted into the hospital with acute pancreatitis. Later that night he went into acute septic shock and was placed on life support. The outlook was very grave as he wasn’t expected to live through the night.

Like the true fighter he is, he managed to spring back much to the amazement of his entire medical staff. Once again he cheated death and the road to recovery had begun.

65 days later, on the day he was to be released from medical care and move to the rehabilitation center to build his strength, his body had other plans. A fever set in, blood pressure became uncontrollable, the sepsis reared its ugly head again.

The medical staff at Tampa General stabilized him, he greeted me with a smile, open arms and kisses. His daughter Becky called. They had a beautiful, happy, conversation together. 6 minutes later as I held him to keep him warm, he died in my arms at 6:30pm Saturday July 17, 2021.

We are beyond devastated as our lives were about to start a new adventure. Robby just recorded his first solo album with the talented music producer Michael Franklin at Solar Studios. A tour to start in August, Robby was so looking forward to being back on stage doing what he loved. I’ve always tried to share our lives with you but I ask you to please respect this heavy time of grief. I encourage you to share your stories and pictures of Robby on his page.

My only regret is that I can’t share them with him to show him how much he is loved.

Hug your loved ones, be happy, stay safe and be well.