After already announcing three bands for their 2022 line-up (King’s X, Lobate Scarp, and Ten Jinn, for any of you who may have missed previous announcements), RoSFest has added another name to the bill: Robert Berry’s 3.2. This new addition seems to suggest that the new Board of Directors is definitely out to make quite an impression in its mission to steer the Rites Of Spring Festival forward into the future.

Guitarist, vocalist, and record producer, Robert Berry, released the album The Rules Have Changed under the name of 3.2 in 2018. Initially, a project embarked upon with Keith Emerson as a follow-up to the 1988 album To The Power Of Three by 3, Berry was, alas, left to complete the album on his own following Emerson’s death in 2016. 

The recent 2021 release, Third Impression, albeit considered more of a solo album, ends quite fittingly, with the superb track, Never, the last song Berry wrote with Keith Emerson, a touching tribute to one of the world’s finest keyboard players.

The 3.2 live line-up features Robert Berry on bass and lead vocals, Paul Keller on guitars, Andrew Colyer on keyboards, and Jimmy Keegan on drums.

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