Reflections from Shpongleland is a Super Deluxe hard backed 20-page full-color pull-out postcard book featuring the futuristic hi-tech digital artwork from Shpongle’s Simon Posford.

Created during the final stages of production of Shpongle’s recently released magnum opus, Codex VI, these artworks display the same dexterity of tone, texture, and form as the incredible music itself.  Shimmering, psychedelic geometries effervesce on the page in mandalic form as they open portals to the immortal and allow the viewer to become enveloped in the original visions of Simon Posford’s unique artistic creativity.

The much loved Shpongle mask becomes the subject of manifold kaleidoscopic coloring and psychedelic symmetry, recontextualizing the forms all Shpongle fans know and love so well and playfully exploring alternate dimensions of pictorial presentation. Beautifully bound in hardback cover, this cosmic collection of pull-out postcards is a must have for all Shpongle fans. Each Art Card is a perfect present when posted to Friends, family, Alien Entities or glistening Machine Elves!

As  a wise sage once said, this is what happens “When Sound Becomes Colour”