When popular US actress Hunter Tylo (star of “The Bold & The Beautiful”) joined the conversation with UK crossover progressive rock band The Room during their interview with US radio show Take 2 Radio Music she described their single “Screaming Through The Noise” as “unbelievably so moving”. She added “it’s got a great beat to it, it has an awesome climax toward the end where all of the musicians just really capture such a great feeling of victory too for these children who survive, that they are going to make it and you know they are gonna have a great life. It’s a great song of hope. I really loved it.”

The song (from their critically acclaimed album “Open Fire”) reflects the emotional journey of a family living with a child with a life-threatening condition, and how it affects the whole family. It was written from the personal experience of Martin (thee lead singer of The Room) who has a young son who has lost his sight due to Retinoblastoma (childhood eye cancer). Hunter Tylo has a daughter who is also a survivor of the dreadful disease.

Martin, the band and Hunter s rare passionate about raising awareness of the condition. Early diagnosis is essential to save children’s lives, and together they discussed how to identify an unusual image of thee eye on photos of infants and other symptoms.

 “It’s fantastic” said Martin “The show has already returned official recorded listener statistics of well over 10K with thousands downloading the show, we hope that these podcasts have been shared with others, hopefully increasing our message in both the UK and USA”. The interview is still available to download at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/take2radiomusic/2013/05/31/special-guest–the-room-1

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Editor’s note: Retinoblastoma (Rb) is a rare form of cancer which affects the retina of children, predominantly under the age of five years and it represents 33% of childhood cancers in the UK. Children affected by the disease can suffer from loss of vision, removal of their affected eye(s) and, in some cases, total blindness.

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