Steve Unruh

I spent my music time this weekend recording violin and flute for the next King of Agogik album! As usual, it was a thrill ride to solo over bizarre time changes and difficult key signatures. And it was, as usual, fun and rewarding.

So that’s that. The Samurai of Prog’s 2016 album, Lost and Found, is out. The new Decameron box set is out. The Resistor Box Set is headed to the manufacturing plant. The master CD of new Resistor album (Underground) is done – just awaiting development of the artwork. Other than my 9th solo album (which I’m getting used to procrastinating), all my ongoing projects are wrapped.

Onward into the Fall, with primary focus finally shifting to UPF – with apologies to Mark Truey Trueack and the guys that I went 2 months over schedule. (And I will occasionally carve out a little time for The Samurai to keep from delaying TSoP’s next album due to missing input from me, plus of course we’ll hold weekly Resistor rehearsals).

It feels good. I wanted to do a top-notch job on these projects. I think I have done so; none of them got shorted, and I’m quite happy with most of them. (And truly thrilled with some.) It will be a welcome change of style and focus to make UPF top priority for several months… the end of this weekend marks my musical focus shift.

For all those who care about this stuff, I thank you! I love what I do, and it’s a pleasure when others want to share it.