Swedish band MOON SAFARI to headline at ROSfest 2017

Moon Safari was formed back in 2003 and have steadily built an audience through memorable albums and live performances.  With more than half a dozen albums to their name so far, two of which celebrate the strength of their live performances. The first of these, “The Gettysburg Address” from 2012, documenting their most excellent concert at our festival in 2011.

It is not customary for us to bring back bands that have played here on numerous occasions before, but Moon Safari is one of those bands that really makes a strong impression. They blew us away in 2009, even more so in 2011, and as six years have passed since they played here last so we found that it was a good idea to bring them back again now. They are a solid band, a high quality live unit, and has the stature required to be a headliner. We know that many people will be extremely happy so see their name on the roster again for 2017, eagerly waiting to yet again hear their impressive, positive and uplifting take on contemporary progressive rock. And as they have been working on a new album for some time now, tentatively called “Himlabacken II”, we might expect this one to be ready in time for ROSfest as well.

We know that for some of our audience, it is difficult to make it to the Friday night event, but with Moon Safari as the headliner, we are certain that quite a few will make an extra effort to get here in time for a full weekend stay. A beautiful experience is coming our way on May the 5th of 2017, and a guaranteed contender for the best ever ROSfest concert!


Moon Safari Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/moonsafariofficial/
Moon Safari Official – http://www.moonsafari.se/
Twitter Profile – https://twitter.com/moonsafariband
You tube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/user/moonsafarivideos