Ten years in the making, the day is finally here. the long-awaited new album from Moon Safari, Himlabacken Vol. 2. is officially out. Their 5th studio album is being heralded as one of the best in the group’s already outstanding discography.

“A veritable pomp-rock-meets-melodic masterclass.” – Classic Rock

“Moon Safari have exceeded any and all expectations with Himlabacken Vol.2.” – The Prog Report

“With ‘Himlabacken Vol. 2’, Moon Safari have delivered the most wonderfully uplifting collection of songs I have heard this year.” – Progradar

“Arguably their best release yet” – Sonic Perspectives

“An absolute stone-cold masterpiece, 10/10!” – The Prog Corner

The band share this message about the album’s release:
“It’s been a decade! A decade of real highs and lows. There was a 50/50 chance that this album wouldn’t exist, and a 50/50 chance that Moon Safari wouldn’t persist. Yet here we are, with an album that satisfies almost all of our musical dreams. And hopefully yours too.

What eventually tipped the scales was love, pure and simple. The love we put into the music and didn’t want to abandon. The love between the members (that we sometimes have to remind ourselves about). And, above all, the love you’ve showed us over the last 10 years.

You’re the reason we kept going. This album is now yours! HAPPY RELEASE DAY!


Track Listing:
1. 198X (Heaven Hill) (3:55)
2. Between the Devil and Me (10:38)
3. Emma, Come On (3:19)
4. A Lifetime to Learn How to Love (8:28)
5. Beyond the Blue (2:12)
6. Blood Moon (5:44)
7. Teen Angel Meets the Apocalypse
8. Forever, For You (10:08)
9. Epilog (3:22)

Watch the video for the album’s second single “Emma, Come On”:

Watch the lyric video for “Between the Devil and Me”:

The album is available for at these links:

UK – (Exclusive Double Vinyl):




Moon Safari is:
Petter Sandström – Lead and Backing vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Simon Åkesson – Lead and Backing Vocals, Piano, Organ, moog.
Pontus Åkesson – Lead and Backing Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitar
Sebastian Åkesson – Backing Vocals, assorted keys, percussion.
Mikael Israelsson – Backing Vocals, Drums, percussion, keyboards, piano
Johan Westerlund – Lead and Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar

Special guest performance by Jamison Smeltz – saxophone on “Forever, For You”