Southern California progressive-rock outfit Scarlet Hollow returns with “A Window To October” the quartets highly anticipated sophomore album.

1. Adventures In The Kings Garden 06:23
2. From Sea To Infinity 05:11 
3. A Window To October 07:05 
4. The Forgotten 04:23 
5. Skipping On Frozen Fire 06:24 
6. Jupiters Calling 04:04 
7. LVX 04:55 
8. Pendragons Cove 02:03 
9. Crimson Lights And Dark Waters 09:12 
10. I Am Divided 07:57 
11. Possibilities 04:12 
12. Dream Currents 07:10

Crimson Lights and Dark Waters: Additional guitars and end guitar solo by Stephen George Geyer. 

All lyrics by Allison and Gregg 
Music by: Scarlet Hollow 
Produced, mixed and mastered by Gregg Olson 
Cover art by GV Hapeman 
Layout & design by Håkon (Hawk) Engvig of 4eign Design 

In a recent interview, Gregg Olson guitarist and co-founder of Scarlet Hollow talks about the new album and why it has taken eight years to release the 2nd full-length album “A Window to October”.

Questions for Scarlet Hollow part one. 
A sit down with Gregg

Q: what has Scarlet Hollow been up to?
A: we’ve put together a new album called”A Window to October”

Q: what kind of music is on it?
A: man I hate this question. But here it goes. Some of my favorite music has always been from the more melodic and song-oriented progressive bands, for instance, MarillionPorcupine TreePink FloydRush, bands that in my mind transcend the genre that many people think is all about overindulging in one’s musical abilities for a long period of time. Nothing wrong with that and I absolutely love a lot of those bands but I’m very moved by clever and creative sonic sculpting by the artist that certainly could show off their abilities and do that when the moment is right. It’s like driving a Ferrari at 65 mph if you know what I mean. I also love some R&B and we all love Acoustic music. So I really think Steven Wilson said it best once. He called his music “creative music“. That works well I think.

Q: what’s taken so long to hear a follow up too to 2012’s “What If Never Was”?
A: I had some significant health issues right after finishing that album, in fact, it was still at the cd manufacturing plant!

I lost my ability to play and even hold the guitar, among just learning how to walk again. But the drive to write never left me. That whole experience and working though it turned out to be a tremendous growing and introspective process that actually was the inspiration for these songs. Call it “forced Zen”. I wrote most of the germ ideas for this album laying in bed on my IPad! My playing would gradually come back year after year so I would have to keep changing my guitar parts to get them closer to what was in my head instead of just what I could physically play. Then we found our new drummer Jay around 2017. He was so inspiring and my playing had come back! Well, if you know anything about music production you know that Drums go first, everything builds up from that foundation. So everything we all had recorded needed to be re-recorded over. Plus his playing was so inspiring that I changed some song parts and structure. All this led to Jeff rewriting his incredible bass parts, which led to Allison’s melodies. So really it has only taken 3 years to make this one. Quite fast for us! And I still only can work when the muse calls. So there would be large chunks of time that nothing was being worked on. 

Q: what happened and how did it influence this album?
A: I had a major stroke of unknown origins.

I took up meditation and got into zen and Buddist philosophy and practices. That eventually turned into diving headfirst into my life long love of eastern and western esoteric knowledge.

These things all had a profound influence on the material.  There are many levels musically and lyrically to explore… lots of symbolism going on, some subtle and some not so subtle.

Q: I’ve heard the tracks. Beautiful stuff. Quite different from the first album.
A: I never liked bands where every album was the same. That being said, Light and dark have always been a part of our sound and this one is no different it’s all in there still. 

Part 2 coming soon.

In a comment from Nick Katona President – Melodic Revolution Records

We are thrilled that Gregg Olson and Scarlet Hollow have returned with what we believe is the band’s best work to date. I can still remember vividly receiving the phone about Gregg having a stroke, I was devastated, we had just made plans for Scarlet Hollow’s debut release and the band was rehearsing for their first tour. 

The prognosis that night was not very positive, it was grim in fact, but we kept close tabs on Gregg’s health, it wasn’t so much that we were worried about album sales. We were worried about a person that had become a friend, I first met Gregg on myspace in 2006 and Melodic Revolution picked up the self-titled Echoe’s Landing for release. It’s because of this band that we formed the record label. 

The good news is that over the next couple of years Gregg’s was getting better and his recovery seemed like a miracle. Fast track to today Scarlet Hollow has returned stronger, more focused and sounding better than ever. Get ready to take a musical journey with one of the most important bands today. 

Scarlet Hollow 
Allison VonBuelow – vocals, acoustic guitars
Jeff Mack – bass, bass pedals 
Gregg Olson – electric guitars, synths
Jay Setar – drums, percussion 

A Window to October – (2020) CD & Digital Album
I Am Divided (2017) Digital Single 
What If Never Was (2012) CD & Digital Album
Sanctuary – Remaster(2010) Digital EP

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