Brand new Andy Tillison project, Live Tangekanic and more new Tangent music on the way.

Lots going on here at Tangent HQ right now:

photo by Martin Reijman
photo by Martin Reijman

A new CD composed by Andy Tillison and the birth of a brand new “band”

Andy is busy putting the final touches to the debut album from his exciting new project:


Andy has occasionally released solo albums of an electronic nature over the years. “Fog“, “Murk” (available on the downloads page at the website shop) & “Durch” have been popular additions to the catalogue with their crossover of Berlin School electronica and ambient Jazz atmospheres.

The Kalman Filter is a new name under which Andy now wishes to work in this field in order to build a separate thread from The Tangent – but a thread which can perform live and in the future add new participants on its route to becoming a fully-fledged band.

The debut album was initially named “A Drink of The Wilderness” but as with many new ideas it grew and evolved and has developed a life of its own, the album has now been re-named “Exo-Oceans” to better reflect the mood of the writing. You can support this new project right from the beginning by pre-pre-ordering the album, receive album sleeve credits and get the opportunity, via a link emailed to you, to access a private downloads page which will enable you to listen and to keep some of the early writing that won’t make it to the album stage after this musical turn of events, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get a glimpse of the creative process.

Or of course you can opt to pre-order the album in the usual way and wait to hear the finished product which should be ready for manufacturing very soon, we have 3 options to suit your pocket.

At the website you can read an extended story penned by Andy about how the music came to be, a strange, intriguing adventure also featuring a special friend and much-loved member of the progressive music scene – the album is nearly complete and you can read the story full and for free at the website.



THANK YOU to all who have already contributed to the new Kalman Filter project by pre-pre-ordering, fan-funded releases such as this are truly bread and butter for all Andy does and quite literally keeps him in the studio and so the next Tangent album is also on its way thanks to your support, more news on this later in the year.


The Tangekanic tour of the US and Europe in 2017 was a huge success and new drummer Steve Roberts fitted in so quickly he was offered the job of official Tangent drummer before they even set off.

Thank you for your patience and an apology for those of you who have pre-ordered the Tangekanic  live CD “Hotelcantaffordit”– The guys originally promised a January 2018 release date but at that time they were unaware that Luke would be joining his all-time musical hero Francis Dunnery on tour and Jonas would be invited to play bass with The Steve Hackett band – of course, we are delighted and exceedingly proud of them both but this meant that the mixing, mastering, and manufacturing of the album was left in Andy’s capable (but only two) hands and so, while it is almost ready to go, it has been delayed slightly. It is sounding amazing, very live and immediate, focussing on songs from Dot, Slow Rust and Spark in the Aether and I am sure it will be a treasured memory for those who attended the shows and will enable those unable to attend the gigs to get a taste of the atmosphere and energy of the Tangekanic live shows, the CD also includes the brand new and first “Tangekanic” track “Sanctuary in Music” which was written right before the first show and caused quite a stir with several mentions in the music press and a few tears of emotion among those who got to hear it for the first time. The shows were so well received and the band members from The Tangent and Karmakanic enjoyed working together so much that there are no plans for Tangekanic to record a studio album, so watch this space!

More discussion about the live shows and links to place pre-orders for the album at

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