Andy West Talks about Dixie Dregs Reunion

Hi, Folks!

I have seen some of the commentary here and around the web about the Dixie Dregs ‘reincarnating’ to play this awesome Dregs music! (I chose that verb because I can’t abide the term ‘reuniting’ or its variants. This is different than that for reasons I hope to explain over time…)

The truth of it is, we are planning a series of live dates in March of next year! At first, it will be in the east, and mainly in the ‘usual suspect’ cities as we make our way up from Florida. Trust me, we would all love to play in as many places as possible. But we have to start somewhere, we have to start relatively small, it has to be doable, and after all that, it has to make practical sense.

But our purpose in doing this is distinctly not practical but is coming truly from the power of the love and respect we have for the music and the fans, something we commonly share in the group.

I’ll post more info on how we are going to do this, what the process we are going through is as it unfolds, and whatever else seems apropos as we look forward to a great trip next spring! Right now we are having some active discussions and sorting through which tunes we are going to play. 🙂

Also, I am very happy that I finally have a use for the social media platforms that I think is worthwhile, and am looking forward to communicating all I can about this!


Andy West