Árstíðir Announce Departure of Karl James Pestka

Karl James Pestka

It is with warm regard and solemn respect that we announce today that we must bid farewell to one of the greatest musicians we have had the honor of knowing: Karl James Pestka.

After joining Árstíðir in the wake of our first album in 2009, Karl’s experience guided the intricate sounds of Svefns og vöku skil (2011), Hvel (2014), as well as our collaborative album with Anneke Van Giersbergen, Verloren Verleden (2016).

Karl’s approach to music and incredible sense for arrangements has had a tremendous impact on our music in the past, and will continues to color our evolution as a band as we set out to craft our fith studio album this winter.

What does this mean for Árstíðir? It means that we’re back to the original three piece line-up that formed the band in 2008. So it is back to basics in a way, but also a chance for us to evolve once again. Our music has always been changing, and this is only one of many forces pushing us to constantly redefine how we play and write.

We are grateful for the time we’ve spent together with Karl, and are glad to support him in his personal and artistic ambitions in the future.

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Attention all non-Icelandic friends!

We know that our band name is a tricky one to pronounce, and we would love to hear how you say it!Please record a short video on your smartphone of you saying “Árstíðir” and send us the snippet on [email protected].

The one of you who comes up with the most inventive and/or lovable pronounciation of our name wins an Arstidir goodie bag, including this rare EP “Live at Fríkirkjan”

“Live at Fríkirkjan” is our first EP, recorded live in 2008 and mixed by our friend Ólafur Arnalds. It features early versions of songs from our first album, and was only ever released as a physical edition in 100 limited copies. And we just happened to find one extra sitting in our rehearsal space.

Please submit your video to us before September 20th.