Disillusion – “Ayam” – Out Nov 4 

Who are we? Where do we go? These are the kind of existential questions that have arisen for many of us during these last years and that have also been haunting DISILLUSION during the process of creating their fourth full-length “Ayam”. Without a chance to perform live and their personal lives also being affected by many restrictions the focus of the German avant-gardists shifted fully towards their band and the creation of new songs as well as recording. The effect is audible: “Ayam” sounds richer, even more multi-layered, and fully matured compared to the already highly praised previous releases. Yet the intricacies of their music are never just a means to an end, but more than anything all the complexity is subjugated to serve the inner feeling and cinematic aspect of each song itself.  

The thematic questions and multi-dimensional layers of the songs are also reflected in the album title “Ayam”. The word derives from Sanskrit and means “This One”. Pronounced in English it sounds like “I am”, while reading it backwards turns it into “Maya”, which is neither an accident nor explained by the band that obviously likes to offer riddles.

While DISILLUSION stuck closer together, they were also searching their hearts whether it was time to change old habits and try out something new. This led to the excellent decision to leave the mix of the album to different ears than the bands’ for the first time. Their choice could not have been better as renowned producer Jens Bogren (OPETH, KATATONIA, MOONSPELL) once again worked his exciting magic and enhanced their already unique sound by shining a sonic spotlight to the most important aspects such as the vocals.

Founded around singer and guitarist Andy Schmidt in the East Germany city of Zwickau in 1994, DISILLUSION pulled the rare trick of already becoming a staple in the field of avant-garde melodic death metal with the release of their full-length debut “Back to Times of Splendor” in 2004. The Germans have always been driven to seek new challenges and find new ways to evolve their music, which was exemplified by the following album “Gloria” that took radical musical steps in several directions at the same time. “Gloria” was far ahead of its time in terms of composition and sound, which becomes apparent when compared to GOJIRA’s masterpiece “Magma” for example that came out a decade later.

Despite their early success, DISILLUSION took a creative hiatus until suddenly returning in 2016 with the single “Alea” and a new line-up that had changed in several positions. Quite likely even to the band’s surprise, a large and loyal fan base had formed during the decade of their absence, which showed in sold out shows and a highly successful crowdfunding campaign to realise a new album, which the Germans repeated for “Ayam”.

When “The Liberation” was released in 2019, critics described the album as a logical continuation of “Back to Times of Splendor”. Its songs reflected 15 years of additional experience in the musical development of Andy Schmidt. “The Liberation” turbo-charged all of DISILLUSION‘s best qualities: the perfect interplay of massive metal with moments of pure euphoria and quiet introspection that create a sonic rollercoaster ride of passionate emotions.

With “Ayam”, DISILLUSION again sail among the stars to new stellar constellations of heavy sounds. While staying true to their general course, the German avant-garde pioneers also continue dropping anchor to explore new planets sparkling in space with a multitude of radiant sounds. “Ayam” offers exciting evolution rather than radical revolution, and DISILLUSION‘s new musical forms and means are most beautiful and astonishing to behold. This album is a golden ticket to join the extraordinary journey of a life-time. Please feel free to check-in anytime you like! 

Release date: November 4, 2022

1. Am Abgrund
2. Tormento
3. Driftwood
4. Abide the Storm
5. Longhope
6. Nine Days
7. From the Embers
8. The Brook

Recording line-up
Andy Schmidt – vocals, guitar
Sebastian Hupfer – guitar
Ben Haugg – guitar
Robby Kranz – bass, backing vocals
Martin Schulz – drums

Current line-up
Andy Schmidt – vocals, guitar
Ben Haugg – guitar
Robby Kranz – bass, backing vocals
Martin Schulz – drums

Guest musicians
Birgit Horn – trumpet, flugelhorn
Clara Glas – cello
Frederic Ruckert – keyboard
Marek Stefula – triangle

Recorded & produced by Andy Schmidt & Disillusion at Echolux Studios Leipzig
Drum recording engineering by Magnus Wichmann
Mixed by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden
Mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden

Artwork by Safi at Betriebsbuero

Link: https://disillusion.de

Shop link: https://de.prophecy.de/Artists/Disillusion

Band pictures & graphic materials: (click here for Dropbox)

Booking[email protected]Live

DISILLUSION Headliner 2022
14 OCT 2022 Köln (DE) Yard Club
15 OCT 2022 Frankfurt (DE) Das Rind
28 OCT 2022 Hamburg (DE) Headcrash
19 OCT 2022 Berlin (DE) Frannz’
04 NOV 2022 Leipzig (DE) Werk 2

07 SEP 2022 Köln (DE) Gebäude9
08 SEP 2022 Hamburg (DE) Knust
09 SEP 2022 Berlin (DE) Hole 44
10 SEP 2022 Praha (CZ) Futurum
11 SEP 2022 Warszawa (PL) Hydrozagadka
13 SEP 2022 Wien (AT) Viper Room
14 SEP 2022 Zürich (CH) Komplex Klub
15 SEP 2022 Milano (IT) Legend Club
16 SEP 2022 Lyon (FR) CCO
17 SEP 2022 Barcelona (ES) La Nau
18 SEP 2022 Madrid (ES) Caracol
19 SEP 2022 Toulouse (FR) Le Rex
20 SEP 2022 Paris (FR) Petit Bain
22 SEP 2022 Bristol (UK) Exchange
23 SEP 2022 Dublin (IE) Voodoo Lounge
24 SEP 2022 Glasgow (UK) Audio
25 SEP 2022 Leeds (UK) Brudenell
26 SEP 2022 London (UK) The Underworld
28 SEP 2022 Nijmegen (NL) Doornroosje
29 SEP 2022 Frankfurt (DE) Das Bett
30 SEP 2022 Mannheim (DE) MSC Complex
01 OCT 2022 München (DE) Backstage Halle