Infinite Eve has released their cover of Heart’s “Barracuda.”

“We love performing Barracuda. It’s a song that pays homage to Heart and their influence on modern rock and we have a lot of fun with it at the same time. It’s one everyone can get into.” says Eve Naylor.

Barracuda is originally performed and recorded by the amazing band, Heart and features the iconic vocals of Ann Wilson and classic guitar riffs of Nancy Wilson. We have always been huge fans of Heart and especially the song Barracuda and hope that Ann and Nancy Wilson, as well as everyone out there, will really enjoy this cover of the song from their album Little Queen. Enjoy this trip back over 40 years to one of Heart’s greatest songs! Infinite Eve is an original melodic rock band from Raleigh, NC and features the vocals of Eve Naylor and guitar performance of Paul Warren. If you enjoyed this cover, you can listen to their EP, The Story, here:

Listen to Barracuda:
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Recorded by Paul Warren & Eve Naylor Mixed by Eric Hill