Big Big Train to release new compilation album Summer’s Lease March 25th 2020.

We are pleased to announce a new Big Big Train compilation album which is being released on the Belle Antique label in Japan on March 25th, 2020.

The album is called Summer’s Lease and traces the story of Big Big Train from some of its earliest tracks through to the music of the contemporary line-up.

Big Big Train worked very closely with Belle Antique to make this an interesting and beautifully presented album. New cover artwork was commissioned from BBT artist Sarah Louise Ewing and the band recorded a brand new instrumental track written by Nick D’Virgilio which is exclusive to this release.

Alongside the new track, the album includes the full 30-minute song cycle called London Song which has never previously been released on CD. This version of London Song benefits from additional instrumentation which was not included in the previously released download and streaming versions of the song-cycle.

Summer’s Lease also sees the exclusive release of a brand new studio recording of Wind Distorted Pioneers. A live version of this track was performed by the band for the 2015 Stone and Steel Blu-Ray video release. However, this re-arranged version has never before been released as a studio recording.

Finally, one of the band’s earliest pieces, Expecting Snow has been updated for this album, with new keyboards replacing the keyboard parts on the original album sessions.


Disc One

Expecting Snow (2.45)
Kingmaker (live at Real World studios) (10.51)
Wind Distorted Pioneers (4.38)
Summer’s Lease (live at Real World studios) (5.06)
Master James of St George (live at Real World studios) (6.23)
London Song
(i) Turner on the Thames (3.07)
(ii) London Plane (10.02)
(iii) Lost Rivers of London (6.00)
(iv) London Stone (2.04)
(v) Skylon (6.44)
(vi) Mudlarks (5.59)

Disc Two

Victorian Brickwork (13.04)
Judas Unrepentant (7.16)
East Coast Racer (15.44)
Curator of Butterflies (8.51)
Swan Hunter (6.45)
The Transit of Venus Across the Sun (7.19)
Don’t Forget the Telescope (6.01)
Brave Captain (12.55)

BBT will aim to import a supply of these CD’s for sale through Burning Shed in September 2020.

Release date in Japan: March 25, 2020
Label /Catalogue Number : Belle Antique BELLE 203282-3
Format: 2 SHM-CDs with paper sleeve