Blank Manuskript Message Offers Comfort To Fans

photo by Ernst Silberleitner

Usually, we would already be in the UK on our annual tour but… 

But complaining doesn’t get us anywhere, so we always make the best of the time by rehearsing, recording, preparing, etc.

We absolutely miss the stage, the audience, the tour-life and everything aroung that! So, as soon as the situation should allow it again, we will be ready and better than ever!

Blank Manuskript released their latest effort “Himmelfahrt” the band’s 4th studio album and the follow up to their successful 2019 release of “Krásná Hora”

Track Listing

Side A 
Part 1 – Requiem (Strandberg / Larsen) 
Part 2 – Dance of the Devils (Strandberg / Larsen) 
Part 3 – The Underglow (Wallner / Wohlmuth) 
Part 4 – Twilight Peak (Wallner / Wohlmuth) 

Side B 
Part 1 – Twilight Peak (Wallner / Wohlmuth) 
Part 2 – Celestial Spheres (Wallner / Wohlmuth) 
Part 3 – Transition (Strandberg / Larsen) 
Part 4 – Heaven (Strandberg / Larsen) 

The Band
Jakob Aistleitner – Saxophone, Flute, Electric Guitar, Percussion, Vocals 
Peter Baxrainer – Electric Guitar, Vocals 
Manuel Schönegger – Trombone, Flute, Percussion, Vocals 
Jakob Sigl – Drums, Percussion, Tape, Vocals 
Dominik Wallner – Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizer, Vocals 
Alfons Wohlmuth – Electric Bass, Flute, Vocals 

recorded live at Tebes Studios Salzburg 
recording by Wolfgang Spannberger 
mixing by Jakob Aistleitner 
mastering by Sunshine Mastering (Mischa Janisch) 
design by Philip Reitsperger 

About “Himmelfahrt”
2020: a pandemic virus turns our lives upside down. The vulnerability of our system is now obvious and uncertainty spreads around the globe, sowing the seeds of superstition, agitation, and incitement. While in quarantine, our thoughts circle the fundamental existential questions and finally, confusion impairs our composure. Now mythical creatures and ghosts inspire our imagination and ancient beliefs occupy our post-factual brains. The virus has penetrated our lives… It is the right time for psychoactive and contemplative musical enjoyment, it is time for Blank Manuskript.

With their recent release, Himmelfahrt Blank Manuskript interweave the masterpiece, Death by the Swedish 70’s Prog-Rock Band Dice with their conceptual work on Dante’s ‘Divina Commedia’. The result is a mind-blowing sonic journey through the underworld from the hellish abyss into the celestial spheres of heaven. In the accustomed quality, the Austrian ArtRock ensemble celebrates the epic breadth and invites listeners to encounter the realm beyond the short-living, superficial radio format.
Anyhow, musically highly contagious!

Blank Manuskript Online
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Blank Manuskript are yet another of those bands who have been happily going around releasing albums and somehow never making it into my orbit until now. Formed in Austria in 2007, this is their third album, and I really am not sure what to say about it, apart from I really like it! The quintet are Jakob Aistleitner (saxophone, flute, electric guitar, glockenspiel, percussion, vocals), Peter Baxrainer (electric and acoustic guitar, percussion, vocals), Jakob Sigl (drums, percussion, viola, tape, vocals), Dominik Wallner (piano, electric piano, organ, synthesizer, vocals) and Alfons Wohlmuth (electric bass, flute, bottles, vocals). It was Alfons who contacted me, and I am both pleased and dismayed he did , as while I have really enjoyed it, I have no idea how to truly describe it and get across in words what it is like to listen to. 

Lyrically it deals  with the concept of loneliness versus the concept of community and works around that theme using various scenarios from birth to death and musically it can be very delicate, at others almost overpowering: there were times when I found myself checking the player to see if I was still on the same album or if it has moved onto the next one on my list. It is incredibly diverse, and there is the impression that these guys like to use a studio almost as a laboratory, adding and refining what they are doing. They are like a mini orchestra, but while some may think this means they are being symphonic (and they can be) this is way more experimental, with certain instruments taking key roles in certain songs and not being used at all in others. It is incredibly diverse as they move from RIO to experimental and avant garde though art rock and multiple other styles. They are very removed indeed to what I normally think of as European progressive rock, and if someone had asked me to guess the country of origin I would have definitely said the band was Russian as it has far more in common with the music I hear from there, which is far removed from the normal Western progressive influences.

It is timeless music which is very much of the present, but also invokes the days when the British progressive scene was exploding and the idea was for each band to push boundaries in their own way as opposed to all becoming clones of each other. It is refreshing, joyous and progressive in its’ very truest sense. This is not for those who want their progressive rock to fit in certain constraints and styles but is one for those who remember when the term was a truism as opposed to a name to describe a genre. Definitely one which progheads need to discover. 
8/10 Kev Rowland

Blank Manuskript confirmed for the 2020 Night of the Prog Festival

The Austrian band Blank Manuskript seems to be a musical chamber of wonder – internationally successful with uncompromisingly bizarre rock music, the ensemble gained a unique reputation.

Their music is characterized by its sophisticated symphonic arrangements as well as extensive psychedelic improvisations, thus rocking our everyday listening habits. Blank Manuskript creates music paired with mystical-vivid lyrics to transfer its audience into flamboyant musical spheres that have a unique effect on the listeners. Socio-critical escapism unites with creative excellence, creating contemporary programmatic rock music for insiders and seekers, far beyond the inhuman banality of the media-machine.


Jakob Aistleitner – Saxophone, Flute, Electric Guitar, Glockenspiel, Percussion, Vocals
Peter Baxrainer – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Jakob Sigl – Drums, Percussion, Viola, Tape, Vocals
Dominik Wallner – Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synthesizer, Vocals
Alfons Wohlmuth – Electric Bass, Flute, Bottles, Vocals