Modern Prog Band Circuline Announce 15-Date NewView Virtual Tour

In support of the band’s recent live CD/DVD/Blu-ray release “CircuLive::NewView” modern prog band Circuline are announcing their 15-date New View virtual tour beginning September 9, 2020!

Premiering exclusively on Facebook, every one of these 15 dates has three segments: the Official Video, followed by a new clip from the “CircuLive::NewView” DVD/Blu-ray, followed by a Facebook Live “Story Behind the Song and Video” Q&A session. The band will talk about the writing of the songs, the making of the videos, answer questions from the Facebook Chat feed, and most likely make fun of themselves during the conversation. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and we hope you join us!

Says keyboardist Andrew Colyer, “The Concept behind this 15-date Virtual Tour is to get to know new and familiar fans in the best way that we can, given the world situation right now, and for them to get to know us better. Since you can’t go to the concert, we’re bringing the concert and ‘Meet-and-Greet’ VIP experience home to you! This is the best way we could think of to support the new live CD/DVD/Blu-ray ‘CircuLive::NewView’. We’re releasing five new Official Videos (including one from the new CD/DVD/Blu-ray concert), and it’s a review of our previous ten Official Videos, many of which our newer fans may not have seen. For the past five years, we’ve had worldwide sales in 18 countries on six continents. Most of these fans have never had an opportunity to see us perform live. This Virtual Tour will show the history of the band past and present, allow us to reach people at home, and communicate one-on-one in a way that we probably couldn’t do on tour.”

Drummer Darin Brannon explains, “What we found out after the ProgStock performance is that all the comments about the show included the words ‘fun’ and ‘entertaining’. So with that, we were successful. It’s one thing to deliver stellar performances, but adding an element of fun can help some members of the audience enjoy the show and maybe become a fan. The Virtual Tour is something that we have been wanting to do for some time now. It’s another way for a listener to be introduced to the band or get to know us a bit better. Just with any band that has gone through writing, recording and touring, each of us has grown, which makes the band grow.”

What’s great about being able to do a “Virtual Tour” is that the listener can enjoy getting to know the band and each of the members more. Plus Circuline hope if they like the newest release “Circulive::NewView” they might be enticed to look back into the band’s history and want to explore previous releases.

The NewView Virtual Tour runs from September 9th through October 10th. You have until midnight on Thursday, October 8th to get your Exclusive Pre-Order Bundle over at, since the release date for “CircuLive::NewView” is Friday, October 9th. Later this fall, the band will be releasing a “Meet the Band” video series, a “Story Behind the Song” video series, and a “Story Behind the Album” video series. They’ve currently started working on their third studio album, with a forthcoming “Making of” video series while they’re doing it. The third studio album is scheduled realistically for a Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 release, with accompanying new music videos before, and live gigs afterwards.

Andrew Colyer – Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion
Darin Brannon – Drums, Keyboards, Percussion
Natalie Brown – Vocals, Percussion
William “Billy” Spillane – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Percussion
Alek Darson – Lead Guitar, Percussion
Joel Simches – Bass Guitar, Bass Pedals, Drums

What do you get when you take two theatrical lead vocalists, a keyboard player from Juilliard, a versatile rock virtuoso on guitar, a zany bass player from another galaxy, and a drummer with progressive rock in his DNA? The modern cinematic rock band Circuline. Nominated for PROG Magazine’s 2016 Limelight award for best new band, Circuline has toured with Glass Hammer, repeatedly co-headlined the three-day Sonic Voyage Festival, and toured England in summer 2017 opening for IO Earth. Circuline has performed at RoSfest, Philadelphia’s Liberty Music Fest, Chicago’s Progtoberfest, and England’s Harmonix Festival.

“CircuLive::NewView” captures the band at ProgStock in an all-newly crafted show that will please any rock fan. In addition to soaring vocals, keyboard wizardry, powerhouse drumming, and virtuoso guitar and bass playing, you will smile and enjoy the “keyboard challenge”, “drum feature”, and other fun and entertaining moments. The album was recorded at the Union County Performing Arts Center in Rahway, New Jersey and was Mixed and Mastered by Alek Darson in Toronto, Canada.

“CircuLive::NewView” will be released on Inner Nova Music on October 9th, 2020.

1. Intro + Erosion
2. Soleil Noir
3. One Wish
4. Nautilus 
5. Piano Challenge
6. Hollow
7. Return (acoustic)
8. Fallout Shelter
9. Pale Blue Dot (cover)
10. Forbidden Planet + Drum Feature
11. Inception
12. Summit
13. Stereotypes

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Streaming on Spotify and all streaming services

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Circuline “CircuLive: New View”! Pre-Order Bundles are Now Available!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve started taking Pre-Orders for the new CD/DVD/Blu-ray, “CircuLive::NewView”!  

We worked very hard to craft a show that ANY rock fan could love.  If you can’t go out to concerts, bring the concert home to you!

We have TWELVE different Pre-Order Bundles for you to choose from, and there are price points for every budget.  Too many things to list here in this email – just click the link below to see for yourself.  🙂

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There are three reasons why Circuline is producing this new CD/DVD/Blu-ray, CircuLive New View.

1.)  Our band is constantly evolving, with music creation, songwriting, and presentation.  This concert is quite different from our last large-scale event that was captured on audio and video, and we wanted to document the changes and progress that we’ve made.  We want you and future fans and booking agents to see what we’re capable of doing on a large stage.  

2.)  This performance was filmed at the 2017 International ProgStock Festival, at the beautiful Union County Performing Arts Center in Rahway, New Jersey.  The weekend was fantastic, the lineup was fabulous, and the people were fantastic!  We felt like it would have a missed opportunity not to have recorded this performance for a live product.

3.)  We as a band are not creating music in a vacuum.  It really comes to life when we have an opportunity to share it with you, the fans.  By creating this product, hopefully, it will bring some joy and happiness into your life, by bringing a modern rock concert into the comfort of your own home!  And hopefully,
we will get to meet you in person in the future at a live show.  We appreciate you joining us on this journey, to help spread the word!

Our goal with the funds we raise is to use it in marketing the music to tens of thousands of people around the world.  We know we can’t do this alone, and that’s why we’re asking our fans, friends, and family to help us spread the word.

Making this product is Step One; now it’s getting it out to the world is where we need your help.  Selling as many of these Pre-Order Bundles as possible will help get this music to fans all over the globe via Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, Radio, Apple Music, Amazon, and so much more.THE MISSIONOur mission is to create music that will move people.  Sometimes it makes you happy, sometimes it arouses intense emotions, and sometimes it just makes you think.
Thanks for your support by getting your pre-order bundle today and making a difference in so many lives!

Our intention was to create a modern rock concert-show, that ANYONE could enjoy, whether they like “progressive rock” or not.  We did our best to create entertaining”moments” in the show, based upon our years of attending concerts ourselves.  What do top-tier major label acts do during their performances to create shows that are memorable?  We did our best to incorporate those elements into this concert, to create the best live rock show we’ve ever done and spread fun and excitement too as many people around the globe as possible.

This required input from all band members at the time – Darin Brannon (drums/keys/percussion), Andrew Colyer (keys/vocals/percussion), Natalie Brown (vocals/percussion), William “Billy” Spillane (vocals/guitars/percussion), Joel Simches (bass/drums), and Alek Darson (guitars/percussion).    

We had SO MUCH FUN crafting, rehearsing, and performing this concert at ProgStock!  We hope you enjoy the “acoustic moment”, the “keyboard challenge”, the “drum feature”, and more… 

AUTOGRAPHED BUNDLE PACKAGESPre-Order Campaign Bundles Available Until 
11:59 pm on Thursday, October 8th, 2020

Click to See the Video Trailer and the Pre-Order Bundles

Circuline Parts Ways with Joel Simches

Circuline has made the decision to part ways with bassist/engineer Joel Simches.  For the past two years, Joel has worked with Circuline, starting as their live sound engineer, then working his way into the bass position, often performing double duty on the road as a stage monitor mixer.  Highlights have included Joel performing live with Circuline on the traveling Sonic Voyage Fest, Chicago’s Progtoberfest, and the inaugural 2017 ProgStock Festival in New Jersey.  Joel also served as the mixing engineer for the forthcoming CircuLive::Majestik CD/DVD/Blu-Ray product.  Joel has also been very active in helping to enthusiastically promote the band, both online and publicly in person.  We can’t thank Joel enough for his contributions to Circuline from 2016 to 2018.

We know this is upsetting news to many friends and fans of Joel’s, and we are very sorry for that.  This decision was not an easy one, nor was it one we took lightly.  There are many variables that brought us here, issues about which we will never comment publicly, out of respect for all parties involved.

The creative process is a tricky thing, all the right elements must be in place, and every band member must find it an environment in which to thrive.

Joel is a great guy, a great musician, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Circuline Officially Welcomes Joel Simches to the Band

Circuline is excited and proud to officially announce the newest (and hopefully last) band member, Joel Simches!

Boston-area native Joel Simches has classical training and real-world contemporary music experience on orchestral percussion, drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and voice.  He has performed and toured worldwide leading his own bands, as an ensemble member, as a sound engineer, and tour manager.  Notable acts include Bang Camaro, De Totchka, Amanda Palmer’s Dresden Dolls, and Butterscott.   His AllMusic credits list over 25 albums that Joel has been a part of, as a musician, composer, engineer, and producer.

Joel started out as Circuline’s live sound engineer, and when the bass position in Circuline became available in 2016, he jumped at the chance to audition.  After impressing the band with his preparation, he toured the last four months of the year with Circuline, including the traveling Sonic Voyage Fest, gigs in New York City and New Jersey, and Progtoberfest in Chicago.  Joel proved himself to be a great asset.

Joel Simches is a great player, a damn good live sound engineer, and an all-around happy and fun guy to hang with.  With his background and experience, he is a great fit for Circuline.  We’re happy to welcome him to our band!

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One Love! Music for Relief Release Date Announced

One Love… Music for Relief COVER by Ed Unitsky(2)

Melodic Revolution Records has brought together a collection of the best musicians from around the world to participate in the charity release “One Love! Music for Relief” which will be made available on September 9th 2016 via There is Hope Records a charity sub-label of Melodic Revolution Records.

Melodic Revolution Records strives to not only promote and release creative works of music by many of the best up and coming artists, but to also help those in need in our community and around the globe. The music donated will help raise money for the recent events in Baton Rouge Louisiana which has experienced catastrophic flooding and the devastating earthquake that struck Amatrice , and surrounding communities in the central region of Italy.

We were gratified by the outpouring of support from the music community. When we put forth a call to action for track donations to support – One Love! Music for Relief, t he immediate reaction from the musicians was “Yes we want to help anyway we can!” After the official announcement of One Love! Music for Relief, many more artists reached out in wanting to lend their support and the result is a digital album that has almost 3 hours of music with 30+ artists.

Our hope is that this release will not only raise some of the much needed money to help the survivors of these tragedies and their families, we also hope to continue to focus awareness on the human aspect of our existence long after the fickle media cycle has moved on. Yes there are natural disasters, unfortunately there is no short supply of these, but it is how we humans come together that is the true miracle of our existence. We cannot let these events S fall off our radar, we must continue to support our fellow humans as they begin to rebuild their lives. So yes the earthquake in Central Italy and catastrophic flooding in Louisiana have abated, but now the road to rebuilding has begun and we know that support will be needed for some time to come, There is Hope Records wants to ensure that support continues.

Music can be purchased at:

We would like to encourage everyone to help promote this project on social media and those with a website we encourage to add a link or embed the player on your site.
Thank you!

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2368634588 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

Where Does The Money Go?

Minus PayPal and/or credit card transactions; 100% of money will be donated to… and split between Habitat for Humanity and The Red Cross.

Artwork by Ed Unitsky

Music Donated By:

Architecture Of The Absurd – Progressive Rock / Spain

Barock Project – Symphonic Prog / Modena, Italy

Circuline – Progressive Rock / NY, USA

Comedy of Errors – Progressive Rock / UK

Dark Beauty – Symphonic Gothic Progressive Rock / NJ, USA

Darrel Treece-Birch – Ambient Prog Rock / Lancashire, UK

Drifting Sun – Progressive Rock / UK

Gordo Bennett – Progressive Rock, Ambient / New York, USA

ifsounds – Art Rock – Crossover Progressive Rock / Italy

Jack and The Jukebox – Art Rock / New York, USA

Jack Potter – Progressive Rock / NY, USA

Jim Morris – Instrumental Rock / MI, USA

Karibow – Neo-Progressive Rock / Germany

Kinetic Element – Symphonic Prog / VA, USA

La Bocca della Verità – Progressive Rock / Italy

Marco Ragni – Proggressive Rock, Psychedelic / Italy

Mary Reynaud – Folk Pop / Lyon France & Franck Carducci – Psychedelic Rock / Netherlands and

Nth Ascension – Progressive Rock / UK

Pathos – Progressive Stoner Rock / Brazil

Pinnacle – Progressive Rock / Pennsylvania, USA

Phideaux – Progressive Rock / LA, USA

Rizengard – Progressive Rock Fusion / Mexico

Robeone – Jazz, Blues, Rock, New Age / NY, USA

Sailor Free – Art Rock Crossover Prog / Italy

Sixth Sense – Modern Metal / Russia

Sonus Umbra – Progressive Rock / IL, USA

Steve Bonino – Rock & Progressive / CA, USA

Susan Clynes – Art-Pop, Progressive Pop, Jazz, Classical / Belgium

The Aaron Clift Experiment – Progressive Rock / TX, USA

Time Horizon – Crossover Prog / CA, USA

TYRO – Progressive Fusion Rock / Chile

United Progressive Fraternity ( UPF) Progressive Rock / International / Australia