Conception Return With A Few Surprises After 21 Year Hiatus

According to the band’s website

Norwegian hard rock band is known for melodic and rhythmic music of a unique, powerful, yet dynamic blend, with influences from flamenco, jazz, and classical music. was formed in 1989 with Roy Khan, vocals, Tore Østby, guitar, Ingar Amlien, bass, and Arve Heimdal, drums.

Active 1989-1997 with tours in Europe and Japan. Reunited for three shows in 2005: co-headlining Prog Power in Atlanta, also headlining shows in Rockefeller in Oslo and their hometown Gjøvik.

After the release of Flow Roy Khan joined American melodic metal band Kamelot, Tore formed progressive metal band ARK, Ingar focused on his black metal band Crest of Darkness and Arve recorded with Norwegian blues-rock band Nickels and Dimes and progressive band Glow.

Conception Discography
1991 The Last Sunset
1993 Parallel Minds
1995 In Your Multitude
1997 Flow

According to the bands Instagram page
After a break from releasing of (just!) 21 years, we’re super excited to share our new single package re:conception with you all today.
P.S. Thanks to everyone for your support. Some of you who pre-ordered might just be in for an early surprise treat 😉

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Also to be released soon is the My Dark Symphony EP

On April 1, 2018, Roy Khan released a song on YouTube called “For All”, leading many fans to speculate in an upcoming return to music. The speculations were proven true a few weeks later when Conception announced their reunion with Khan returning as lead singer.

Both Re:Conception Single and My Dark Symphony EP are available on CD, LP, as well as Digital and features the return of Roy Kahn to music, Roy left in 2011 after working with Kamelot on 7 releases.

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