Deerhoof to release The “Children of Hoof Music Library 25th Anniversary Cassette Box Set”

Announcing a new, incredible art object from Deerhoof. The “Children of Hoof Music Library 25th Anniversary Cassette Box Set” is an elaborate art piece canonizing the first quarter-century of output from one of the world’s best and most unique bands. The collection contains cassette editions of each of the 15 studio albums Deerhoof has recorded since their inception on April 5, 1994 (full album list below).

In addition to the 15 studio albums, Deerhoof is also releasing a new album as a part of this box set. Surprise Symphonies is a 59 minute collection of b-sides and rarities from the first 25 years of Deerhoof. 

Here are some additional details:

  • Packaged in a custom-built and hand-screen-printed wooden box set. 
  • Features new re-imagined artwork for each album, pressed on just about every possible color of cassette shells. 
  • Includes full-color art booklet, and custom Deerhoof pencil / cassette-winder (which is also a perfect instrument to complete the career-spanning word search included in the booklet).
  • Each copy is hand-numbered out of only 250 copies. 
  • Includes download card of all 16 albums in high-quality MP3, and a variety of lossless formats (WAV, AIFF, etc.). 

Albums included:
The Man, the King, the Girl (1997) – Light Blue shell color.  
Holdypaws (1999) – White shell color.
Halfbird (2001) – Light Pink shell color. 
Reveille (2002) – Magenta shell color. 
Apple O’ (2003) – Light Blue shell color. 
Milk Man (2004) – Yellow shell color. 
Green Cosmos (2005) – Light Blue shell color. 
The Runners Four (2005) – Grey shell color. 
Friend Opportunity (2007) – Yellow shell color. 
Offend Maggie (2008) – Grey shell color. 
Deerhoof vs. Evil (2011) – Lime Green shell color. 
Breakup Song (2012) – Orange shell color. 
La Isla Bonita (2014) – Brown shell color. 
The Magic (2016) – Purple shell color. 
Mountain Moves (2017) – Light Blue shell color. 
Surprise Symphonies (2020) – Light Blue shell color. 

25 years of Deerhoof’s musical output, released as nature intended: with tape hiss. 
–Greg Saunier

“The irony of doing a pristine box set of our complete studio albums is of course that nothing about the music was ever pristine or complete in the first place. Sometimes when feeling particularly pretentious, I call upon bonus-round vocabulary words like “wabi-sabi” to justify our rough, imperfect, incomplete style as some sort of aesthetic principle. Well, it sort of is and it sort of isn’t. Reality has dictated since day one that we make our records on as little budget as possible, usually $0. That of course is not counting the cost to sanity that the months and sometimes years of labor that goes into making each of them that is exacted from our psyches. Thus has our economical style actually come about by accident.

And yet what fun it has always been to project our modest thingamabobs into the ears and hearts and minds of others, and discover that indeed how could they ever be but incomplete when those ears and hearts and minds are doing such magnificent work interpreting them. You complete our music. We have the best fans in the universe!”

– Greg Saunier


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