Tom Slatter to release ​Demon in late July

Bad Elephant Music is proud to announce that Demon, the sixth solo album from respected singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tom Slatter, will be released in July 2019.

Following on from his highly acclaimed Happy People album, and the Murder and Parliamentinstrumental project, Tom returns with his most personal album yet, heavily influenced by indie rockalbums of the mid 90’s. There are contributions from ‘Storm’ Gareth Cole, drummer Michael Cairns,Tom’s sister Rebecca Haynes on bassoon and The Barley Singers.

In Tom’s own words: “Demon developed from an idea I had into a record about my life, without having any personal lyrics. It’s more a collection of songs rather than having a concept like Happy People”.

“I suppose it had to happen sooner or later”, says long-suffering BEM label manager David Elliott.“Eventually I got fed up with Tom’s wheedling and whining and agreed to release Demon.Fortunately, it’s excellent”.

Demon will be released on Bad Elephant Music on both CD and digital download on 26th July 2019. Pre-orders will be announced shortly.

Track Listing
1. Wizards Of This Town
2. Modern World
3. Weather Balloons And Falling Stars
4. West Wind5. Patterns Of Light
6. Cutting Up All Of Our Dreams
7. Drop Dead’s Punching Above His Weight Again
8. Tinfoil King
9. Demon

2016 Prog Award nominee and “experiment too far”, Tom Slatter is a weird-fiction singer- songwriter. Since 2010, Tom has released five albums, numerous EPs, instrumental project Murder and Parliament and has performed numerous gigs either solo or with his band, not to mention creating the monster that is The Immoral Support Group on Facebook, where he encourages the puns from its members, who he regards as friends.

Tom’s most recent album, Happy People, received significant critical acclaim: “there’s a strength and depth to the musical arrangements throughout the whole album – everything has a purpose to it”(David Rickinson, Progradar); “Tom is a master of harmony and possesses a distinctive voice” (The Progressive Aspect), “…there’s enjoyment to be had in his steampunk prog vision” (Prog Magazine).

“The worlds gone horrible at the moment, so I thought it time for another album”, says Tom ofDemon, his sixth full-length album, and fourth release for Bad Elephant Music.

Facebook: @tomslattermusic

Pre-order Tom Slatter’s new album Demon

Hello you!

Don’t do it. Don’t click on this link!

My sixth album, Demon, can now be pre-ordered from bandcamp. The demon is about to be unleashed. Run away! Run away!

Or maybe, go have a listen to the studio version of Wizards of this Town that’s now up on the bandcamp page as the first single from the album. 

Wizards is a song that has been in my live set for a couple of years, first as an acoustic song and then with the Tom Slatter Band. It’s a song about drunkard wizards trying to fix their town through magic. But it is also a personal song. It’s about how I felt when I changed career from teaching – a job that was deeply destructive to my mental health – to the world of charity, and the place I moved to at the same time. It’s about the joy of having people request my songs, about singalong choruses and family and also, yes, about urban magic and drunk inner-city dryads. 

Demon has lyrics about wizards and demons and serial killers. But it is also about family and history and my actual real life. I can’t wait for you to hear it, and you nearly can. Just the small matter of finishing up CD printing. Nearly there!

Here’s the pre-order link again

I’ll be in touch over the next few weeks with more songs and info as release approaches. 

Thanks for listening. 

Tom Slatter 

PS. There’s even T-shirts available with this one. 

PPS. And you can get back catalogue CDs cheaper if you want them too. 

PPPS. But don’t click. That’ll let the demon out!