Transport Aerian The Making of The Abstract Symphony

Theriantrhope is the new album by Transport Aerian releasing in September 2017. The abstract Symphony is a set of songs and instrumental pieces woven into the tapestry of the album and was composed by blind improvisation by a team of seasoned and creative musicians. None of the musicians involved in this project knew what the other would play, as they were only given the similar theme descriptions and photographs to emphasize the visual representation of the sounds.

This experimental approach is manifest modernity of the age of the information field, which contains similar artistic concepts and thus allows any music to be created out of an idea, without other forms of direct physical or intellectual interaction. This musical experiment was an essential part to the conception of the new album.

Abstract Symphony Experiment Participants:
Marco Ragni: Keyboards, Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Stefan Boeykens: Acoustic Guitars
Peter Matuchniak: Acoustic Guitars , Electric Guitars & Soundscapes
Darren Brush: Chapman Stick
Elvya: Hammered: Dulcimer
Hamlet: Bass Guitar, Drums and Percussion’s

Transport Aerian has tapped into our current way of gathering, digesting and disseminating information through his experiment with the musician participants. Now comes the examination of the work, to create a vision means that you wish to share it, so as part of sharing of this work

The Topic Themes:
Modern Information Space – Abstract Symphony I: Information Space
Strongest Emotion – Abstract Symphony II: Saturate
Whore – Abstract Symphony III: Lovemeat
Pop music – Abstract Symphony IV: poor things need (a common interest)
God – Abstract Symphony V: Immortals

Transport Aerian asks you to reflect on the topic themes above and share your thoughts on:

1. What are your personal perceptions when you read the topic themes and how do you relate to them?
2. What metaphors would you use to describe the Topic Themes?

Transport Aerian and Melodic Revolution Records Invites You To Participate in The Abstract Symphony Experiment