Ornan McLean is out of Elephants of Scotland

According to the bands latest new blast, Ornan McLean is no longer in Elephants of Scotland. We wish him all the best going forward. That’s is nothing else on this matter.

Bob Gagnon, John Whyte, and Adam Rabin have been talking about what’s next for the band. Some surprising and novel ideas have been floated and I’m sure we’ll be discussing and exploring them more in the coming months.

Adam Rabin solo album
Work continues on the new album. I have one song and a half left to record. One thing I can tell you now is the title will be “The Badger Flies at Dawn.” Good luck figuring that one out. Honestly, I haven’t yet myself. The album is shaping up to be an even mix of my prog rock leanings and my more pop-oriented stuff.
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She Thicc!
Last week, we baffled our audience with an improvised musical about a teenage shark and a teenage girl trying to find some common ground. It didn’t end well for them. Because, well, shark. But the songs were great!

SHE THICC is co-headlining the inaugural Big Pond Improv Festival at Vermont Comedy Club July 19-21. We will be performing Friday, July 20th at 7pm VCC in Burlington, Vermont. Tickets are only $10 so come on out and say hi!
Big Pond Improv Festival

Theme Songs
I seem to have started a side business of writing and recording theme songs for podcasts. Two new ones have launched in the last week. If you’re looking for some new chit chat to fill your days check these out:

Vermont Comedy Club’s “Improv Overdrive” just launched this week. Each week, the talented nuts I call my friends up here make up scenes and stories on the spot. The theme song draws on my 1980s upbringing right down to the electronic drums fills that I got to play. Also, on some episodes, I provide improvised underscoring on piano.
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The “What The Hell Are You Watching?” podcast has been around for a few years now with my good friend Lincoln L. Hayes discussing a different movie each episode. I re-worked an old Mailbox tune “Interesting Times” for the new theme song.
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Take care!


We are pleased to welcome Bob Gagnon to the band. Bob was raised in a musical family in northern Vermont, USA, about 40 miles from the Canadian border. He began playing and studying guitar at the age of six, inspired by the playing of his father, from whom he learned Quebecois fiddle tunes and songs from the American songbook. After studying jazz guitar at Ithaca College, Bob returned to Vermont and formed the Bob Gagnon Trio in 1989. In 1998 Bob released Apple for the Teacher, a CD of mostly original jazz compositions. Bob is front man for Small Change, a Tom Waits tribute band that has played throughout New England and in New York City. As bass player for Elephants of Scotland, Bob takes his inspiration from melodic bass players such as Jaco Pastorius, Ray Schulman, and Phil Lesh.


OUR PLANS FOR 2017 (But you know what they say about plans.)
Taking the last six months off from the band has given everybody a chance to recharge. We are now more focused and engaged than ever. We already have a handful of songs in various stages that we can’t wait to share.

Instead of holing ourselves up while we create an entire album, we’re hoping to release a new song and/or live video every few months. Stay tuned to our Facebook and YouTube pages for new tunes.

In case you missed the announcement earlier this week, Elephants of Scotland has been invited to play in Wales this fall. And we hope to book a few more gigs in the UK and Europe while we’re over there.

Summer’s End Prog Festival