Magenta Issue “Essential” a FREE Greatest Hits Album

Magenta issue “Essential” – a Greatest Hits album

We’ve decided to put a Greatest Hits of Magenta together. So many times we have people coming up to us to say that they didn’t even know we existed, and then discover the band and become fans for life. So the purpose of this album, is to have something that we can point music lovers to. It’s available on all good (and not so good) platforms. ITunes,Spotify,etc,etc. It’s also available as a free download at the bands Magenta Bandcamp site.

This is a FREE Magenta sampler, the essential Magenta tracks.
PLEASE share this link to widen the awareness of the music of Magenta.

Band Members
Christina Booth (Vocals)
Rob Reed (Keyboards, guitars)
Chris Fry (Guitars)

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