Photo by Jodi Donkel Photography.

North Carolina based experimental space rock group EYEBALL has unveiled their third release “Spectromania”, a digital 7-inch venturing into dark and frantic psychedelic territory with two tracks produced by Jeff Eacho of Eacho Sound Lab.

This release is the follow up to “Crawling Creatures” and contains on Side A: “Visions Of A Moment Made”, which explores the vast mysteries of amnesia that can be brought on by brain damage, hypnotic drugs, or the just the mild experience of simply having a thought on the ‘tip of the tongue’. The track captures a dark and mesmerizing mood through eerie guitar work weaving around pulsating synthesizers and solid rhythm section, all with multi-layered instrumentation and sound effects taking listeners on a journey to another realm.

On the other side of the spectrum, Side B contains the frantic track “Delirium” which begins with a low-fi guitar lick that immediately propels the song into the stratosphere with a bombastic, nervous energy infused with EYEBALL’s brand of “art-noise”, while the lyrics explore a psychosis of the mind that results in difficulties determining what is real and what is not bathed in psychedelic vocal effects carrying it through to its twisted conclusion.

EYEBALL combines their music with effects, noise, and feedback to venture beyond the astral realm of psychedelic neo-space rock. Through a mutual interest in art and music, in 2015, drummer Trey McLamb and guitarist Myriam Martian began exploring effects-driven sounds with lyrical themes of mysticism, biology, science and astronomy to compose psychedelic music and soundscapes. Sharing a common vision, they were soon joined by bassist Brian Oaksford and keyboardist Aaron Albrecht who completed the lineup. The group’s first performance was a live broadcast on Esoterica Radio and they’ve since become a feature act in the underground club circuit and music festival scene.

They are described as a group that traverses genres and defies boundaries, live shows abound with effects-laced vocals, strange synthesizers and guitar sounds with lush soundscapes that explode into improvisational noise freak-outs paired with composed pieces for one continuous uninterrupted 45-minute piece.

“Spectromania” is the third release from EYEBALL following the digital-only single “Crawling Creatures” and their acclaimed “Paradox of Eternal Limits” EP, all produced by Jeff Eacho at his state of the art facility Eacho Sound Lab in Raleigh, NC.