Matt Epp Releases New Single The Sound (feat. Faouzia) and Announces Tour Dates For November

Hi friends everywhere, I’m really excited to share this new special piece of music with you today. Read a little bit about how it came to be, below. Next week I’ll start my tour of Eastern Canada with Christiana Martin, see some of you out there.


If you love the new song The Sound (feat. Faouzia), please do me a great kindness and share as widely as you can; Send to friends that might enjoy it, share on your social media, and even request it be played on your local radio. Let’s get this song to as many ears as possible!
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About the song The Sound
While Matt Epp is on tour in Germany, he receives an email from his 18 month old daughter, who he has been writing to since she was a newborn. The email from her reads “What sound does a longing heart make?” In a hotel bathroom in Bielefeld, he tearfully writes the chorus of this song.

Fast forward a few months to the hot July sun beating down on the back of the Canadian prairies. Manitoba native Matt Epp is assigned as mentor to a group of talented young performers just days before he performs at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Among the participants in the program is Moroccan-born, Manitoba-based Faouzia Ouiyha, who has just turned sixteen years old. Faouzia (who performs under her first name) is a quickly rising star in the province. Perhaps unlikely kindred spirits, Epp and Ouiyha form a quick friendship, and before long they find that their differences lend themselves to a rich collaboration. Ouiyha picks up where Epp leaves off, and they finish the song together.



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