Tacita Intesa (RPI band) Launch Crowdfunding for new CD

Photo by Andrea Liguori

“Hi everyone, we’re Tacita Intesa, we come from Casentino valley, in Tuscany, and we play Progressive Rock.

Back in 2014, we released our debut album, available on all the streaming platforms; since then we’ve composed and arranged 9 new songs which we recorded live-in-the-studio and mixed in two great recording studios in Arezzo, at the beginning of 2018. Now it’s time to get the work done and release what shall be our second album: FARO (which can be translated into `Lighthouse’.)

Producing this album literally made us run out of money though, and our only hope to turn FARO on is you; together we can have the project published, get the physical copy and finally enjoy these 9 tracks.
The way to actually become our co-worker is to help us with our crowdfunding campaign here on Musicraiser.

Starting from 15 € you can buy in advance a physical copy of FARO and get your name written on the booklet, financing in this way the publishing of the album.

Is the target reaching 1500 € in maximum 45 days. Thanks to this money we will be able to pay for:

– the printing of 500 digipak CDs;
– the shipping expenses for deliveries.

In case we manage to collect more than 1500 € we’ll make other cool and new gadgets, or maybe even a vinyl special edition of FARO.

Using this link https://www.musicraiser.com/projects/8524 you’ll be able to visit our Musicraiser page, listening to a preview of the new songs and choose which bundle to buy.

As you can see there are several bundles, with different combinations and items. It’s up to you to decide whether you are more keen on a nice T-shirt, a signed poster, a good craft beer (of the Bifrons brewery, the property of our guitarist Filippo) or perhaps our debut album if you don’t have it yet! A digital download is provided with whatever bundle you choose and you’ll receive it as soon as the campaign ends!

Our music isn’t the usual rock’n’roll; it isn’t cultural meditative stuff, neither easy-listening pop: actually, it’s the mix of all of these and even more.

C’mon, what we need is your very help: LIGHT THE FARO!

Tacita Intesa

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