Galahad Releases the 1998 album ‘Following Ghosts’

Well, after what seems like an age we finally have some positive Galahad news to share in the form of the rather beautiful LP release of our 1998 ‘Following Ghosts’ album in no less than THREE colors!…..

“Following on from the release of the very expansive ‘Following Ghosts’ 3CD set last year we are now very pleased to announce that, finally after being delayed somewhat by recent world events and in conjunction with our friends at Oskar Production in Poland, the album will be released as a rather lovely double gatefold vinyl LP for the first time ever.

The version on the LP will be Karl Groom’s 2019 mix which was painstakingly put together from the digitized original two-inch 24 track tapes which date back to 1997. This mix has freshened up the original tracks breathing new life into this twenty-four-year-old album.

The ‘Following Ghosts’ LP is available in several versions including a standard black vinyl version, a limited edition gold version (200 copies only), and a very limited orange and red splatter disc version of which only 100 copies have been pressed.

Each LP also contains a CD of ‘Alternative Ghosts’ which contains recently recorded alternative versions of every track from the original album.

The black and gold versions of the LP are now available to pre-order from our official website.

We hope to commence shipping albums during the first week of October.

The Following Ghosts LP (in all available colors) can also be ordered from the Polish partner ‘Independent Music Market’ official website:

We are obviously very happy to ship worldwide but our overseas friends need to be aware that because of global increases in postage and carriage costs in the last couple of years or so the carriage costs are higher than we had hoped but you can rest assured that we will only charge the actual cost of postage and packing (in some cases slightly less!) and not mark it up anyway.”

Tracklisting: Side One
1. Myopia (4.53)
2. Imago (5.56)
3. A Short Reflection on Two Past Lives – Part One (3.52)
4. Karma for One (6.05)

Side Two
5. Perfection Personified (4.50)
6. Bug Eye (13.54)

Side Three
7. A Short Reflection on Two Past Lives – Part Two (6.01)
8. Ocean Blue (7.12)
9. Rejuvenation (2.13)
10. Easier Said Than Done (4.29)

Side Four
11. Shine: (14.14) i. Like A Bolt Out of the Blue ii. The Pain She Feels Inside

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