Pastel Jazz Goth Artist BRYSON CONE Releases Debut Album!

Los Angeles, CA – Pastel Jazz Goth artist Bryson Cone is a songwriter/producer/mixed media artist based out of Portland, OR. Cone’s music contains elements of ’80s synth-pop, psychedelic rock, glam rock, and freaky new wave balladry. If Roxy Music formed a cover band that only played songs by Sade and The Cure, it probably wouldn’t sound very much like Bryson Cone…but Bryson Cone would be obsessed with it.

After a successful initial launch of the single “Destination Nightmare,” Cone is launching his debut full-length album, Magnetism. The album will be available on all digital platforms starting February 21:

Check out the video for the album’s first single, “The Mirage” featuring a guest appearance by acclaimed experimental artist and frequent Cone collaborator Gary Wilson:

Cone performs live with a full backing band featuring members Hannah Blilie (The Gossip), Ben Steinmetz (Kyle Craft), Thomas Mabus (Vexations) and Bambi Browning (Reptaliens).

Catch Bryson Cone on tour with Gary Wilson & Part Time!

FEBRUARY 21 – Lucky You Lounge – Spokane, WA
FEBRUARY 22 – Neurolux – Boise, ID
FEBRUARY 23 – Urban Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT
FEBRUARY 24 – Bunkhouse Saloon – Las Vegas, NV

Track List:
1. Devotion
2. Color Of Love
3. Desire
4. Stop!!!
5. The Mirage
6. Death To The King
7. Basiphobia
8. Forcefields
9. Nothing
10. Black Sand

The Monarch Of Weirdo Music GARY WILSON Claims His Throne On New Album THE KING OF ENDICOTT!

Los Angeles, CA – There must be something in the water of Endicott, NY. Not only is that small city of roughly 12,000 souls the origin of one of the largest, most innovative corporations of all-time, IBM, but it is also the birthplace of some of America’s most demented geniuses including the man who transformed TV in the 1960s with his series The Twilight Zone, Rod Serling, as well as the comic sibling pair of Amy & David Sedaris, and finally the most celebrated voice in metal and the artist who gave us the heavy metal horned salute, Ronnie James Dio! But there can be only one King Of Endicott, one artist whose fearless and uncompromising vision allowed him to both transcended that little town of Endicott and yet embody all of its otherworldy qualities. And that man is Gary Wilson!

This legendary figure of low-fi bedroom funk has become known the world over for his unique–yet highly palatable–brand of experimental music. Though he achieved enduring cult status in 1977 with his classic album, You Think You Really Know Me, he had been recording original music since his pre-teen years, and even studying composition privately with John Cage before moving to New York to become the toast of that city’s well-known underground music scene. But it’s those early years in Endicott that Gary harkens back to on his newest album The King Of Endicott, the years when his passion for music, art and film was at its rawest and most imaginative. For evidence, just view the vintage clips assembled for the video to the eponymous single. There you’ll see Gary flanked by a host of local characters who film weird short films, post for pictures and of course put on musical performances the likes of which no one in Endicott (or really even the world) had ever seen!

View the video here:

The King Of Endicott will be available everywhere starting February 8 via Cleopatra Records.

Look for a record release party celebrating this important album at The Factory in downtown Los Angeles on February 9th!

“Passin’ the dutchie from coast to coast/like my man Gary Wilson rocks the most.” – Beck (“Where It’s At”) 

Track List:
1. The King Of Endicott (Intro)
2. The Town Of A Thousand Lights
3. The Lonely Park
4. Walking In The Rain Tonight
5. I Think I’m Falling In Love
6. The King Of Endicott
7. I Don’t Want To Be Alone
8. Lugene Lived In Johnson City
9. I Dream Of My Secret Girl
10. Midnight In Endicott
11. A Perfect Day In Endicott
12. May Walked Away
13. Another Dimension
14. It’s Summer Time
15. Hail To The King

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