2021 saw the release of the second album from GorMusik, following on from 2015’s ‘Fun In OuterSpace’. This is primarily the solo project of Gordon Bennett who originally recorded and sang everything himself, but then brought in some guests who added their talents to the record in Joseph Frick (bass), Jay T McGuinn (drums) and Peter Jones (vocals and Irish whistles) – how Peter Jones manages to contribute so much to so many albums is beyond me, but he does and is always amazing. GorMusik is a Christian prog band, and what we have here is a concept album which attempts to work through the timeline of the Bible, which is a huge task in just 67 minutes (broken into five songs).

Musically there is huge variety on this, as we have heavy sections which would not sound too out of place on a Rush release, and then we have others which are acoustic with multiple guitars. This variety means one is never quite sure where the music is going to lead, and there does at times appear to be a lack of direction, meandering without a final destination in mind. In many ways this does indeed feel like a solo project as opposed to a band, as there is quite a bit of repetition, and the ending of opening 18-minute long “The Beginning” feels as if he is run out of ideas and painted himself into a corner where he is not sure quite how to get out.

It is an album which is pleasant while it is being played, but even though there are some interesting passages, this is something which would have been improved if a band had worked on it together and they had undertaken some judicious editing. Not one to which I will be rapidly returning I am afraid.
6/10 Kev Rowland


I am back as years before, struggling to know if I missed any albums on this list, and the answer would be a resounding yes. Every year see thousands of releases just in the prog genre alone. It’s virtually impossible to discover and hear every prog release in any given year, so I did my best to showcase the cream of the crop, but then again I must point out these are one man’s points of view and will vary from publication and reviewer abroad. My taste in music is vast so I hope you all feel I have done justice by showcasing these 21 releases.
The Un-qualified Critic

1) The Blue Door 
First full-length release by Candian Progressive jazz folk-rock act, A Gardening Club Project
CD & Digital
Melodic Revolution Records

2) The Uncrowned King (Act 1) 
The third release by US art-rock band, Evership
CD & Digital
3) We Are The Truth
Sixth studio album by Swedish progressive rock band, Hasse Fröberg & Musical Companion
CD, LP & Digital
Glassville Records

4) Imperial
Fifth album by progressive metal supergroup, Soen
CD, LP & Digital
Silver Lining Music

5) Altitude
Third album by English progressive rock band, Lifesigns
CD, LP & Digital

6) Vigesimus
Twenty Seventh release since 1994 by Mexican neo-prog band, Cast
CD, & Digital
Progressive Promotion Records

7) 5.20
Third studio album by progressive rock band, Nine Skies
CD, & Digital
Anesthetize Productions

8) Graveyard Star
Fourteenth studio release by progressive rock band Mostly Autumn
CD, & Digital

9) Common Ground
Fourteenth album by English progressive folk-rock band, Big Big Train
CD & Digital Self released
LP Plane Groovy

10) Harvest
The third release from Greek Progressive rock band, Ciccada
CD, LP & Digital

11) The Absolute Universe Forevermore
Fifth studio album by multinational progressive rock supergroup, Transatlantic
CD, LP & Digital
InsideOut (Europe) Metal Blade/Radiant (US)

12) Kites
Third album by English progressive rock band, This Winter Machine
CD & Digital Self released
LP Plane Groovy

13) Presence Of Life
Seventh album by Norwegian progressive folk group, Kerrs Pink
CD, LP & Digital

14) Forsaken Innocence
Eight studio by UK-based Progressive Rock band, Drifting Sun
CD, LP & Digital

15) Snakes & Angels
The second release by US progessive metal artist, GorMusik
Melodic Revolution Records
CD & Digital

18) Playing House
2nd release by progressive art-rock band, Meer
Karisma Records
CD, LP & Digital

19) The Forgotten Earth
Debut solo release by Scarlet Hollow prog band bassist, Jeffrey Erik Mack
Melodic Revolution Records
CD & Digital  

16) Copeland King Cosmo & Blew, Gizmodrome Live
First, live album and second release by progressive rock supergroup Gizmodrome formed in Italy
Ear Music
CD, LP & Digital

17) A View From The Top Of The World
Fifteenth studio release by US prog metal pioneers, Dream Theater
Inside Out Music
CD, LP & Digital

20) One to Zero
Eleventh studio album German progressive rock band, Sylvan
Gentle Art Of Music
CD, LP & Digital

21) Aphelion
Eighth studio album by Norwegian progressive/avant-garde metal band, Leprous
Inside Out Music
CD, LP & Digital

Melodic Revolution Records Confirms the Signing of GorMusik

Melodic Revolution Records is thrilled to announce that it’s true… we have signed GorMusik a music project fronted by Gordon “Gordo” Bennett Guitarist / Synth Guitarist / Bass Guitarist / Composer / Producer. Gordo is well known in the indie music circles for his ability to create some great music as a session man as well as being a brilliant musician in his own right. Gordo has worked with such acts as Band of Rain, Ronald Marquiss, Joshua Leibowitz, Collin Tench Project, and United Progressive Fraternity. 

Greetings GorMusik friends and fans. I am extremely happy to announce my collaborating & singing with Nick Katona & Melodic Revolution Records. I am honored to be part of such an awesome line up of artists and musicians. Its been some time coming with a lot of work behind the scenes so I thank you all for your continued support and can’t wait to share my latest creation with you. 
Peace & Love… Gordo / GorMusik

Snakes & Angels will be the first effort to be released via Melodic Revolution Records, the album has been in the works since 2018 and will see the light of day in 2021 in three popular formats, CD, Digital downloads as well Streaming. More info on the album soon. 

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