Kayak to Release New Album in 2017


Ton Scherpenzeel is writing and preparing a new Kayak album, scheduled for release in 2017. Being the band’s 17th official studio effort since the beginning, ’17’ has been chosen as the project’s working title. The quest for lead vocalist(s) is well underway and has already produced some interesting names.

Though there still are a few challenging bridges that need to be crossed before the new album will see the light of day, things are really looking positive. More news and updates can be expected these coming weeks and months!

Members: Past & Present
Ton Scherpenzeel, Pim Koopman, Max Werner, Edward Reekers, Cindy Oudshoorn, Johan Slager, Rob Vunderink, Joost Vergoossen, Jan van Olffen, Hans Eijkenaar, Peter Scherpenzeel, Irene Linders, Katie Lapthorn, Rob Winter, Bert Heerink, Theo de Jong, Charles Schouten, Cees van Leeuwen, Bert Veldkamp

Studio Albums

  • See See the Sun (1973)
  • Kayak II (1974)
  • Royal Bed Bouncer (1975)
  • The Last Encore (1976)
  • Starlight Dancer (1977)
  • Phantom of the Night (1978)
  • Periscope Life (1980)
  • Merlin (1981)
  • Close To The Fire (2000)
  • Night Vision (2001)
  • Merlin – Bard Of The Unseen (2003)
  • Nostradamus – The Fate Of Man (2005) (Double CD) / Excerpts From Nostradamus (2005) (Single CD)
  • Coming Up For Air (2008)
  • Letters From Utopia (2009) CD Cover Art by George Grie
  • Anywhere But Here (2011)
  • Cleopatra – The Crown Of Isis (2014)

Live Albums

  • Eyewitness (1981) (“Live” studio album)
  • Chance For A Livetime (2001) (Double CD)
  • Kayakoustic (2007)
  • The Anniversary Concert (2008) (Double CD + ‘Highlights’ DVD)
  • The Anniversary Box (2008) (4 CD + DVD)

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